Where Are Ironman Tires Made? Here’s The Answer

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Have you been wondering where ironman tires are made? Are you curious to know where and who manufactures ironman tires?

Do you also want to know about the tires made by Ironman tires?

Then keep reading because, in this article, I’d be taking you through some information that you need to know about Ironman Tires which includes where Ironman tires are made, who makes them, whether they’re good tires for you or not, and the best Ironman tires you should choose from.

Ironman Tires have been around for quite some time now but manufactures its tires in two major places.

Firstly, they make most of their tires in China and then proceed to import them to the United States for distribution.

Secondly, they make the remaining of their tires (about 35% left) in Ohio, United States of America.

Who Makes Ironman Tires?

Ironman Tires are produced by Hercules Tires and Rubber Company, a tire manufacturing corporation owned by the Cooper Tire& Rubber Company.

Also, Ironman associate firm is a subordinate company to Goodyear Tires& Rubbers, which is owned by the American Tire Distributors and is well known for the quality it delivers.

Ironman headquarters is located at Findlay, Ohio, in the U.S.A. and was established in 1952.

Ironman tires are widely recognized for producing quality, yet affordable everyday use tires.

They are one of the most economical tire-producing companies in the USA and have a fantastic customer service reputation.

They are produced in China and the U.S.A and are sold mostly in the United States by automobile dealers.

Meanwhile, they make SUVs, Winters, Passengers, Light trucks, and trucks tires and do not produce fundamental tires for other manufacturers.

However, they have a few ranges of tires for customers to choose from and are not made exclusively for speed driving/riding.

Are Ironman Tires Good?

The direct answer to your question is yes. Ironman tires are good and work well also on wet, snowy roads.

They’re specially designed to give you fairly good performance at affordable prices with a tread life of about 40,000 to 50,000 miles.

Also, they are the most outstanding budget-friendly tires and have low customer complaints compared to other tire brands.

65% of Ironman tires are manufactured in China and because of the way some products produced by them are of low quality.

This had led to some people having a false perception also about Ironman tires being low-quality tires. However, this is not true.

Although almost all Ironman tires are made in China, you can find a few of them outside the country.

Yet, the company maintains the top-notch products and customer service quality that is known in the USA and its products.

Why People Choose Ironman Tires

There are a lot of reasons drivers and car owners have opted for Ironman tires. From all-season traction to incredible driveability, there is a lot to admire about the brand.

All-season traction

Whether you drive in snow, mud, or rain, the Ironman tires will offer your car incredible traction. You won’t have to fidget when you step into the mud.

Also, there is no worry about whether your car will hold firm on the terrain when you hit your foot on the brake pedal.

Fuel Economy

If you are looking for a pair of tires that will guarantee fuel efficiency, Ironman tires come first when it comes to rolling resistance that ensures gas mileage Even gas mileage results from the composition and quality of the tires.

Ironman tire products do not exert much force at the axle. As a result, not much heat energy is lost or dissipated when you press the brake pedal.

You can see the fuel efficiency rating in the Ironman tires feature.

Affordably Priced

Ironman Tire’s Unique Selling Proposition is the inexpensive prices they provide with their quality products.

Their tires are produced to provide you with fairly good performance at a cheaper price.

Their price is ×2-×3 less than other types of tires yet their quality is worth their prices.

Comfortable Ride

One of the top reasons your vehicle won’t ride smoothly is the lack of good tires.

Ironman tires beat weakness and deliver great comfort when installed on your vehicle.

Whether you want the Ironman products in smaller wheels and thicker tires, you won’t be disappointed. They are available in different sizes that will make driving seamless.

Stylish And Aesthetic

Ironman tires are reliable to an extent and also they tend to give your automobile a sophisticated, stylish look.

Also, they are tires favorable for all seasons (for instance, wet roads, snowy terrains, and more).

This implies that they’re good and are better compared to some other inexpensive tire brands.

Long Life Span

A combination used in elongating the lifespan of tires called rubber compounds infused with silica is not present in the Ironman Tires.

Alternatively, Ironman tires use a buttress design as a substitute for that compound.

Though the buttress design helps in boosting the speed of their tires, it is still incomparable with the silica-based compounds.

Why People Don’t like About Iron Man Tires

Why will I not opt for tires made by Ironman? Let’s find. But despite the downsides, the tires remain amazing for your tires.

Aging Causes Loud Noise

The only downside of Ironman tires considered by customers is that as it ages, it generates loud noises.

This noise is quite manageable and it is a result of the little fund used in researching about and manufacturing them.

No Warranty

Also, due to the low prices they give out, the Ironman tires do not have a warranty offer.

But, they only give off a maximum of 5 years limited protection policy warranty for their products.

This means that Ironman would change a tire with a defect as long as the buyer can prove his/her purchase.

Best Types Of Ironman Tires

Ironman has a few tire types for clients to choose from. Here are some of the best ones you should get when you’re about to obtain one.

But read your owner’s manual to know what kind of tires will fit your vehicle. Not all tires and tire sizes are suitable for all vehicles.

Ironman All Country A/T

When it comes to the tires with an amazing look, Ironman All-Country A/T leads the pack. The Ironman All Country A/T has a nice buttress design for improved tread life.

This tire works well for all road topography driving. In addition, the tires have a stylish design that gives your vehicle a polished look.

It doesn’t hold mud and also displaces water well. It is fairly durable and also affordable.


  • Can displace water and hold the road well
  • Stylish and appealing
  • Highly affordable
  • Little noise


  • Produce little noise
  • No warranty

Ironman GS906

The ironman GS906 comes atop many competitors out there. The product proves itself well in mud, snow, and rain.

This is suitable for all seasons and it provides a good driving resistance that grips the road well. You can be sure of great performance off and on-road.

This makes it consume minimal fuel when driving and leads to improved driving performance. However, they’re quite noisy during speed driving.


  • Fuel efficient
  • Compatible with all seasons and terrain
  • Comfy ride
  • Improves driving performance


  • No warranty
  • Quite noisy

 Ironman RB-12

This is the pair of guys to go for when it comes to capacity, thanks to its loading capacity of 1925 Pounds.

They provide you with a quality roll for wet roads types at an affordable price all year round.

However, it is important to drive safely but you must especially not drive recklessly with this type of tire.

This is because it is also not suitable for speed driving.


  • Incredible loading capacity
  • Great roll for wet roads
  • Affordably priced


  • Not ideal for speed driving
  • No warranty

Ironman iMove Gen2 A/S

Last but not least on my table of best ironman tires is the Ironman iMove Gen2 A/S. It is an all-season tire type that has an asymmetrical tread shape with beneficial components.

These components help in decreasing noise and preventing hydroplaning.

Also, this model of Ironman tires is a little durable and as usual, cost-reducing.


  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Suitable for an all-season ride
  • Low noise


  • No warranty

Final Thoughts

Ironman is made in China and USA by Hercules Tire Company, which is quite famous for its reputation for producing inexpensive, good tires.

Ironman tires are imported into the USA after being produced in China and distributed to automobile parts/tires dealers, suppliers, and retailers.

Therefore, this is why despite the affordability of Ironman tires, they still produce top-notch quality tires worth more than their prices.

With this, I’m sure you know where ironman tires are made, who makes them, and which one to opt for when you’re about to purchase them.

So, if you have any questions about Ironman tires, then leave them in the comments section below.