When To Change Transmission Fluid? Is That Necessary?

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Unlike engine oil, transmission fluid has never been changed, many people are not familiar with transmission fluid itself, or if they are, they have never heard of changing it.

However, transmission fluid plays an important role in the running of a car and is one of the oils that must be checked properly during inspections.

In this issue, we will explain the necessity of replacing the transmission fluid and the recommended time for a replacement.

What Is The Role Of Transmission Fluid?

In a car transmission, a large number of gears rotate at high speed in a complex motion, converting the rotation of the power source and transmitting it to the drive wheels, and in the process, they work to vary torque and rotational speed.

In this process, transmission fluid serves as a lubricant to prevent wear and tear on the gears and to lower their temperature.

Necessity Of Replacing The Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid does not oxidize as quickly because it is contained in a sealed transmission case. However, if it is used for a long period of time, it will gradually accumulate metal dust from worn gears, and it will also deteriorate due to temperature changes.

If the transmission fluid continues to be used in a state where it has deteriorated and metal powder has accumulated in the gears, it will lead to problems such as poor gear entry or, at worst, chipping of the gears, so it is necessary to replace the transmission fluid.

What Is The Standard Time For Transmission Fluid Replacement?

Although it is difficult to say when to replace the transmission fluid because it depends on how the car is driven and how often it is used, the general guideline is said to be around 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers traveled.

However, even if you have not driven 20,000 km since the last time you replaced the transmission fluid, you should replace it as soon as possible if you feel discomfort in the way the transmission goes into gear or if abnormal noise is heard.

How To Change The Transmission Fluid?

To change the transmission fluid, open the drain plug at the bottom of the transmission case and drain the old fluid. For new oil, open the filler plug at the top of the side of the transmission case and fill it just to the filler opening. Changing the transmission fluid is not a difficult task and can be done by yourself.

However, if you use high-viscosity fluid, you may need to use a pump to pump the fluid. In addition, since there are many troublesome tasks such as jacking up the car and disposing of waste fluid, we recommend that you have the oil changed at a maintenance store or a specialized store as much as possible.