What To Do When Your Parking Brake Is Stuck

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The shape varies depending on the type of car and other factors. The parking brake (side brake) is always installed as a brake mechanism in a car.

Here, we will explain the causes of the parking brake (side brake) becoming stuck and what to do about it.

What Is The Role Of The Parking Brake (Side Brake)?

The side brake is officially called the parking brake. It is mainly used as an emergency brake when parking or when the normal brakes do not work. For this reason, it is sometimes described as a parking brake or an emergency brake.

In MT vehicles, it may also be used when starting off on a slope, and its usage varies depending on the type of vehicle.

Controlling And Releasing The Parking Brake (Side Brake)

Pull Up Brake Lever Type

To control the side brake, pull up the brake lever fully while stepping on the brake.

To release the side brake, pull up the side brake lever slightly while stepping on the brake.
Then push it back to the bottom while pressing the release button on the end.

Foot Pedal Type

To release the brake, fully depress the foot brake pedal located on the left foot and depress it again.
Then depress it again to release the brake.

What Is The Cause Of The Parking Brake (Side Brake) Not Releasing (Not Coming Up)?

Possible causes for the side brake not lifting or releasing are First, there may be something wrong with the wire that activates the side brake.

The side brake is activated and decelerated by pulling the brake wire.

If the wire or cable that transmits this deceleration force is disconnected or broken If the wire cable that transmits the force to decelerate is disconnected or broken, will not be able to transmit the force and the side brake will not work.

In addition, this can easily happen in cold climates such as snowy areas. Water droplets on the side brake wire can freeze in the cold air outside, making it impossible to release the side brake. This can also cause the side brake to become stuck.

What to do if there is a problem with the parking brake (side brake)

If the side brake won’t disengage, there are a couple of things you can do. First, it is necessary to determine exactly what is causing the brake to disengage.

If it is just a disconnected wire, it is possible for someone who is familiar with cars to reapply the brake.

If it is broken, you need to ask a specialist, such as a maintenance store, to replace the wire. If the wire is broken, you need to ask a specialist such as a maintenance shop to replace the wire.

In cold winter regions, it is also advisable to apply the side brake when parking in order to avoid a situation where the side brake cannot be released.

In addition, in cold winter regions, there may be a warning sign that the side brake should not be applied when parking the car in order to avoid a situation where the side brake cannot be released.

If the wire has frozen, place the car in a warm place to thaw the frozen part. If you still cannot release it, call for assistance, such as road service.


A malfunction in the side brake may lead to unexpected problems or accidents. Give it regular maintenance even if you do not feel any particular discomfort.