Reviews On 4 Top-Rated Wagner Brake Pads [With FAQs]

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Cars cannot function perfectly without a braking system and dangers may lie ahead when they fail to respond quickly when we apply them. However, drivers face different issues from their car’s brake pads, ranging from squeaky noise to poor response when it’s necessary to slow down or stop.

Read the Wagner brake pads review carefully and get the information you need to make an informed decision. This will help you know the most suitable brake pad that is perfect for your rotors. Such a decision will provide your vehicle with reliability and enough power to stop when the need arises.

Let’s get started!

4 Top Best Wagner Brake Pads Comparisons


Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1829 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1829 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Wagner SevereDuty SX1691 Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad Set Wagner SevereDuty SX1691 Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad Set

Wagner QuickStop ZD1592 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set Wagner QuickStop ZD1592 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Wagner Brake OEX1169A Brake Disc Pad Wagner Brake OEX1169A Brake Disc Pad


1. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1829 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Atop my list of the best Wagner Brake pads Reviews is this amazing set of guys from Wagner. Trust me, Wanger ThermoQuiet pads are the solution to a wide range of braking system problems.

For people searching for low-noise brake pads, these ThermoQuiet brake pads are all you need to have a noiseless stop. You’re sure of getting at least more than 40% extra quiet than you would if you’re using conventional brake pads produce.

The TQ pads are produced with top-quality ceramic materials. These high-value ceramics used for its manufacturing help it to provide effective stopping power. In addition, ceramics are reputable for their high resistance to high heat and temperatures.

Apart from being good thermal insulators, this reliable set of disc brake pads –you can rest assured –won’t give in easily nor expand extensively greatly when they’re faced with heat.

The pads are also optimized with OE21 friction material exclusive to the Wagner proprietary formulation. This property ensures that the pads deliver superior and unsurpassed durability. This way, you won’t need to visit the car accessory shops every so often.

Also, the OE21 formulation helps the pads to absorb as much heat as they can. The OE21 design makes Wagner’s pad models a lot different from what you’ll find on the market.

What’s more, the pads are also integrated with a low-copper technology design that allows them for setting a new standard performance. They also provide cars with 40% less brake-fade, offering more reliability and quality service. Additionally, this ThermoQuiet adds 15% extra stop-strength on cars’ brake discs.

Especially, laser-shaped designs, these TQ pads help to effectively reduce how the car vibrates, including its noise and harshness. Furthermore, it allows users to regulate the noise, vibrations, and harshness (NVH) to the desired level. They are formulated with a unique design, making them perfect for your rotors, extending their longevity.

Finally, to install this brake pad without difficulties, the premium-stainless hardware comes with a package.

However, here are the pads’ downsides and these could potentially make them lose market attraction and shift car owners’ attention to other guys out there. First, customers who purchased these brake pads admitted it worked perfectly, with all the hardware intact. However, they’ve also advised multipurpose SUV or truck users to avoid using these pads on their vehicles, perhaps due to their design material. Plus, customers also complain that the price of the set is way on the high side relative to other semi-metallic pads out there.
  • Less NVH
  • Friendly on rotors
  • Not difficult to install
  • Low dust
  • Perfect for almost all vehicles
  • Not friendly for tough weather and off-road

Only a few brake pads provide buyers with an all-around feature but the ThermoQuiet brake pads provide buyers with everything they need for a perfect braking system.

2. Wagner SevereDuty SX1691 Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad Set

My Wagner brake Pads review list may not be complete if I do not include the Wagner SevereDuty Semi-metallic Disc brake Pad Set. Do you wish to know why this product makes my list? Let’s get into the fray.

The Wagner SevereDuty brake pad set is modified with ‘SevereDuty’ not to mean that it’s bad. On the contrary, it’s an insight for users into what this amazing set of brake pads can deliver on and off the road.

The pads are designed specifically to adapt and respond to extremely harsh weathering conditions. Heavily loaded trucks can easily stop without much pressure with these brake pads both in cold or hot weather. For crazy driving enthusiasts, you just have to consider these brake pads as the most accurate choice for your driving activities.

There is no need to worry about their effectiveness when you buy or install them. Why? These pads have been rigorously tested and will provide a quick and effective response when you apply them at any time. Vehicles have enough stopping power to use it, not minding the atmospheric conditions they find themselves in.

Its semi-metallic body helps to achieve an easy stop for when you apply them, even when you drive roughly. With their effectiveness, they are the answer to stop heavy-duty at any time you need to. Besides, being semi-metallic suggests that the pads can keep heat away from the rotor.

Don’t forget, heat is the major enemy of brake rotors that cause it to get easily overheat and can make them warp within the shortest time. Additionally, semi-metallic brake pads are known for their hardness and a great capacity to hold out against extreme heat. They don’t wear down quickly.

At the same time, you don’t need to be curious if they are off-road friendly. You are all covered with these stainless-steel brake pads that allow smooth driving through off-roads. They are a fit for military vehicles, SUVs, and other related ones.

Their installation is not even difficult. Thanks to the hardware that comes with it. Summarily, I recommend these pads for heavy-duty driving enthusiasts based on my review of them. It has all you need for a sudden stop even in any type of weather condition.

Despite the amazing feedback and reviews from customers, there are a few things potential buyers of the Wagner SevereDuty Semi-Metallic brake pads need to be wary of. First, these pads are notorious for not being great protectors of the brake rotors. Customers expressed their displeasure that upon installing these pads, their vehicle’s brake rotors wore down quite considerably faster. That’s not a good enough review if you ask me. Unfortunately, the rotors are costlier than the pads. The other downside has to do with how the pads fare among other guys from Wagner. Customers also feel that this set gives off more dust than you would experience using other pads from this brand.
  • High durability
  • Not difficult to install
  • All-weather friendly
  • Fits heavy-duty driving
  • Produces dust

Even while these pads are vulnerable to specks of dust than others, users find no downsides in them. This is due to the pads’ response power when users apply the brakes. They couldn’t care for more since there is no need to try to stop from a distance.

My overall take is that these brake pads have a substantial ability to reduce the attempt to stop at a distance. Others admitted they were the right choice to replace OEM brake pads. Not many buyers complained about its vulnerability to dust buildup.

3. Wagner QuickStop ZD1592 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

If you’re low on budget but then value safety and wish to have quality brake pads on your vehicle, let me bring in the Wagner QuickStop pads. After all, nothing comes before or after safety when driving.

As the name suggests, the Wagner QuickStop brake pads are the go-to choice when you need your car to stop or slow down at the right time or distance. The stopping distance is almost immediately.

You don’t have to face any risk even when the car behind you violates the 3-second safe driving distance rule. With Wagner QuickStop, you have a set of pads to rely on and give a stop-there command to your vehicle.

For heavy-duty vehicles, the Wagner QuickStop comes at no better quality, time, and price. Even at a friendly cost, these guys are incredible for their capacity to withstand heavy loads, on and off roads. Manufactured with top-quality material, these brake pads offer durability, low dust buildup, excellent stop strength, among its features.

Wagner claims these brake pads are 35% noiseless, differentiating them from other common brake pads you’ll find. Wagner’s QuickStop has extra 15% braking power, making it easier to stop application-specific materials being used for its production.

Cars enjoy braking consistency in the long run. Using these brake pads, meaning, efficiency is guaranteed for a longer period. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend as usual to replace your brake pads. Wagner’s QuickStop is designed with a low-copper, 2021-compliant formulation.

These features help to reduce dust buildup in brakes. Additionally, it provides smooth and nice quiet stops. Finally, Wagner’s QuickStop brake pads are designed for retaining OE-Style fit and performance, making them as beneficial as the initial brake pads.

Why should you be wary of investing your hard-earned money on the Wagner QuickStop pads? Hear it from the horse’s mouth. Users of this set of pads are not on their guard unnecessarily. They complain that this set makes a lot more noise compared to Wagner’s more popular TQ and OEx products. The price may be good value but you never want to imagine your car braking system embarrassing you in dead silent zones. If you’re given to carrying too much load, be circumspect before going for this guy.
  • Extra stop-power
  • Reduction of noise to a reasonable level
  • All vehicles fitted
  • Perform OE quality maintenance
  • High-quality performance
  • Extended lifespan as OEM
  • Not fully suitable for use with heavy loads
  • Compared to other Wagner low dust brake pads, it makes more noise

Different from the two cons of this product, I can see buyers are very pleased with how it works. With this, I am certain it will be a choice for others who wish to have a change of their brake pads, whether now or later.

Yet, users claimed they got these top-quality brake pads for a reasonable amount and that it is very easy to install. Others say it comes with hardware and fits perfectly. This means they will buy it at subsequent times when the need arises.

4. Wagner Brake OEX1169A Brake Disc Pad – Best Wagner OEx

Fourth on my list of the best Wagner brake pad reviews is the OEx1169A Brake Disc Pad. Generally, Wagner OEx brake pads are known and popular for the amazing innovation and technology that comes with their design, production, and construction.

Designed with quality ceramic materials (a combo of patented low-copper ceramic), this set of pads helps to regulate and reduce noise that often accompanies pressing down on brake pedals. You can drive past hundreds of vehicles without the drivers noticing your presence even when you press hard on the pads during an emergency.

The Wagner OEx brake pads boast of incredible shape and design that help to cut down on the amount of wear that your car brake rotors go through. They resist and reduce the amount of heat that the braking system generates.

Wagner OEx pads keep rotors away from warping. This feature makes the pads a great friend for car owners who are on a low budget for car maintenance.

They are suitable for weighty CUVs, SUVs, and pickups, this set of disc pads boasts a high coefficient. They can hold out against the tremendous strain that comes with the heavy-weight and stiff suspension system of these vehicles.

Thanks to the pads’ stopping power, the challenges that confront heavy-duty vehicles during slippery weather conditions are drastically reduced.

But hey, customers have advised that to ensure the longevity of this set of pads, shoppers will need to use coated brake rotors to avoid the Wagner OEx disc pads from squealing. This is a useful piece of advice as well as a downside of these pads. After all, no one looks to spend their entire car maintenance budget on the braking system. Despite its unsurpassed stable response, Wagner OEx disc pads are again not a great fit for extreme off-roading. If you use your vehicle for towing or hauling heavy loads, trust me, you might want to switch to other guys on this list.
  • Designed for CUVs, SUVs, and pickups
  • Popular for longevity, durability
  • Reduce brake rotors wear and tear
  • Boast incredible stopping power
  • Premium cost
  • Not suitable for heavy-load vehicles

Although they may have come at a high price, the Wagner OEx disc pads make a great addition to your overall driving safety.


What Is The Longevity Of Wagner Brake Pads?

Regardless of the accessory and model, Wagner products have one thing in common. It is their durability. On average, you can use the front wheel brake pads for about 50,000 miles or 60,000. On the flip side, the rear wheel brake pads can last about 80,000 miles.

Longevity depends on a wide range of things, including the model of the car and maintenance. At times, towing capacity is a determinant of the longevity of brake pads. However, other factors can determine the longevity of these brake pads. Temperature, degree of use, and other factors also determine its longevity.

Which Wagner Brake Pads Fit Rough Driving?

Wagner brake pads are all-vehicle fitted. However, if you are a rough driving enthusiast, you need brake pads that provide a quick and sharp stoppage response and power. While other Wagner brake pads may have these features, it is best to go for Wagner SevereDuty brake pads. It has all the requirements for a sudden stop.

As A Heavy-Duty Driver, Can I Go For The Wagner ThermoQuiet Brake Pads?

No. Heavy-duty driving requires extra power to stop the vehicle when there is a need. ThermoQuiet brake pads are designed for different purposes and are mostly for cars and not heavy-duty vehicles.

As a heavy-duty driver, it is best to choose between Wagner QuickStop or SevereDuty. They both provide extra power to bring heavy-duty vehicles to rest in all types of weather conditions.


My Wagner brake pads review has shown that Wagner offers an amazing and exceptional braking system for different vehicles of all kinds.

Unfortunately, you may not come across many articles that have a more detailed review than this. The above brake pads I have reviewed above indicate there is so much reliability with Wagner pads.

However, the most important thing to consider when choosing any of these brake pads is to find out the ones that have the matching features of your needs. No doubt, they are all effective and quality products. Yet, you should pick based on your driving requirements and vehicle specs.

Overall, never joke with the 3-Second Rule? The braking system of your car can fail due to asymptomatic issues. If you over-rely and your brakes fail, you may spend your entire monthly income paying compensation.