The Dangers Of Driving With Worn Tires [At Risk Of Bursting]

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Owning a car requires various maintenance costs, such as voluntary insurance, gasoline, and replacement of worn parts.

In order to reduce maintenance costs as much as possible, it is really desirable to make tires and other consumable parts last as long as possible and delay their replacement.

However, just because we want to keep costs down does not mean we should neglect the important aspects of safety and security. In particular, it is very dangerous if the tires are worn out and the wires are visible.

Here we will explain in detail what kind of danger there is in a situation where the wires of the tire are visible.

What Is The Condition Of A Worn Tire With Visible Wires?

Car tires have grooves where they contact the road surface, and these grooves wick away water from the road surface on rainy days, making them less likely to slip. The longer a tire is used, the shallower the grooves become and the more likely it is to slip.

As the 6 to 7 mm grooves that were present on new tires disappear, the actual braking distance (the distance it takes for the car to come to a stop when you step on the brake) will increase.

If the grooves are too worn out, slip signs will appear and the vehicle will not pass inspection, but even if there are no-slip signs, wires can come out of the tires. Even if there is no slip sign, wires can still come out of the tire.

Tires can become old and cracked with age, and the wires inside can become visible. Visible tire wires are a final warning that the tire needs to be stopped driving immediately and the tire replaced, as there is only a soft layer of rubber (inner liner) about 2 mm below the wires.

If you ignore the tire wires when they are visible and get into a car and cause an accident, you may be held responsible for the accident due to poor maintenance and may not be able to recover from the accident.

Tires in such a condition will, of course, not pass vehicle inspections, so you must be sure to replace them with new tires. Incidentally, not only car tires but also bicycle and wheelchair tires must be replaced if wires are visible, as they may burst while driving and are dangerous.

Danger Of Installing Tires With Visible Wires

1. Risk Of Bursting

The wires of a tire are the framework of the tire, and they allow the tire to withstand air pressure and the impact of driving, and keep its shape.

However, if these wires become visible, they will be exposed to moisture such as rain and the outside air, which will gradually cause the wires to rust, and the rust will also erode the wires inside the tire.

If you drive a car with such tires, the weight of the car, the impact of driving, and air pressure can cause the tires to suddenly burst while driving, leading to a serious accident.

In addition, even an impact that is not a problem with a new tire can cause a burst with the slightest shock, since tires with visible wires are vulnerable to impact.

It is possible for a tire to burst not only while driving, but also while stopped at a traffic light or in other situations where the vehicle is stopped. In other words, it could burst at any time.

2. Easier To Slip On Rainy Days

The fact that the wires are visible means that the tire grooves are shallow, so on rainy days, the tires cannot wick away water from the road surface, making it easier to slip on curves and when braking.

3. Lower Fuel Economy

The loss of tire grooves means an increase in the surface area of the tire in relation to the road, which increases resistance and reduces fuel efficiency.

In addition, the longer braking distance increases the time and effort required for braking, resulting in lower fuel efficiency.

4. Poor Ride Quality

The fact that the wires of the tire are visible means that the tread part that makes contact with the road surface is gone.

This means that the impact of the road surface is more easily transmitted to the interior of the car, resulting in a less comfortable ride. In addition, driving noise is also transmitted more easily, and some people feel it is noisy.

Summary: Let’s Check The Inside Of The Tire

Even if the outside of the tire, which is easy to check, is clear, wires may be visible from the inside of the tire. The inside of the tire is difficult to see with a quick glance, so it is necessary to squat down and check the tire at close range.

Wires are often first visible from the inside of the tire, so be sure to check the tire regularly.