What Are The Top-Rated Raybestos Brake Pads & Rotors?

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Finding the right brake pads are not difficult. I discovered that I just have to know what I want and what my vehicle needs. Regardless of the vehicle model and make, there are several options to choose from at Raybestos.

I noticed that there is something for everyone. They have a collection of brake pads that ranges from Service Grade to Professional Grade. They also boast Professional Grade Ceramic and Advanced Technology brake pads and rotors.

So, getting high-quality brake pads and rotors with maximum power and safety is a walk in the park. These brake parts are also cost-effective. Let’s dive into this Raybestos brakes review.

Reviews On 6 Top Best Raybestos Brake Pads & Rotors


Raybestos ATD905C Advanced Technology Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Raybestos ATD905C Advanced Technology Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Raybestos SGD1035C Service Grade Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set Raybestos SGD1035C Service Grade Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Raybestos PGD1624C Professional Grade Ceramic Disk Brake Pad Set Raybestos PGD1624C Professional Grade Ceramic Disk Brake Pad Set


Raybestos 96354R Professional Grade Disc Brake Rotor

Raybestos 96354R Professional Grade Disc Brake Rotor

Raybestos 580279PER Advanced Technology Disc Brake Rotor Raybestos 580279PER Advanced Technology Disc Brake Rotor

Raybestos 980370 Advanced Technology Disc Brake Rotor Raybestos 980370 Advanced Technology Disc Brake Rotor


1. Raybestos ATD905C Advanced Technology Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Starting off this Raybestos brakes review is Raybestos ATD905C. This pair is one of the exceptional brake pads from the Advanced Technology series. If you’re considering excellence, responsiveness, power, and resilience, this is the go-to guy for your car need. They boast premium quality to anyone looking for optimum brake applications.

Raybestos ATD905C delivers high-quality operations. The first noticeable thing is the presence of shim materials that minimize noise, harshness, and vibrations. These specific shim materials are put in place. So, you won’t have to worry about weird sounds or movements when stopping or slowing down your car.

Plus, these shims allow for minimum noise production and long life, which leaves a pleasurable driving experience. For maximum noise optimization, the pads also come with slots and chamfers. These accessories ensure smooth operation and minimum noise output. Expect a nice low purr when driving.

To boost its noise output suppression, the pads have been coated with Nitrile-polymer abutment clips. This quiet coating hardware further suppresses noise production. They will make whatever low sound even quieter.

The pads have been designed with advanced friction formulation based on their advanced technological build to deliver increased stopping power. This reduces friction when applying brakes, making for a pleasant braking performance. This feature reduces noise and dust to the minimum while delivering optimal brake performance.

Even better, the Raybestos ATD905C brake pads come with electronic wear sensors. These sensors are ingrained to keep the user updated with the state of the pads. This will enable the user to detect whenever there is a problem so that you can check them out. With these sensors, it will be easy to know when the pads are worn out so they can be changed.

The downside to these pads is that they may not fit as many cars as you will have expected. There are various versions, so it is important to research to be sure it fits the vehicle.
  • Excellent noise suppression.
  • Matches OEM requirements.
  • Reduced friction for smoother braking operation.
  • Integral electronic wear sensors to keep users updated with the state of the pads.
  • Cost-effective.
  • It may not fit some vehicles.
  • It may not come with a brake pad hardware kit.

The most impressive feature of the ATD905C is its excellent noise suppression. It is a very powerful set of brake pads that promises superb braking delivery. It will be hard to go wrong with these brake pads, especially with their budget-friendly price. It goes for $55.95 and is perfect for anyone wanting a quality product within a mid-range price.

2. Raybestos SGD1035C Service Grade Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

I have no doubt Raybestos SGD1035C will make the top 3 of the best brake pads list on the market. This pair belongs to the service grade class. It doesn’t mean it is of low quality. The Raybestos SGD1035C is a ceramic model set of pads that provides high-performance braking. It is designed with friction materials that enable satisfactory stopping power for safe braking.

These pads come with steel shims, powerful slots, and chamfers that reduce noise, harshness, and vibration to enable smooth braking. The noise-dampening shims, slots, and chamfers brilliantly match the OE design, which ensures standard pads.

Anyone doubting the quality of the service pads should know that they also come with integral electronic wear sensors. With these, I can monitor the health of the brake pads. These pads are perfect if you are looking for quality, safe and affordable brake pads, especially for older vehicles.

With their ceramic or semi-metallic formulation, there is so much to gain using these pads. For drivers and car owners on the lookout for premium braking control, this is the right pick. Besides, you’ll experience a clean and quiet ride with unparalleled stopping power.

Like its Raybestos ATD905C kinsfolks, this pair of brake pads shares the same downside. It may not fit all vehicles. I have to be sure that SGD1035C is a perfect fit for my vehicle.
  • Easy to install.
  • 90% – 95% coverage.
  • Affordable and durable high-quality ceramic build.
  • Efficient noise reduction.
  • Integral wear sensor to monitor lifespan.
  • Little to no dusting.
  • Does not fit all vehicles.

This is a perfect buy for anyone who looks for affordability and quality. The noise reduction is quite good. Not to mention the integral wear sensor to monitor the brake pads’ health. It may be tempting to think this grade is of low quality, but the opposite is the case.

In the end, it is necessary to do research first before purchasing to avoid purchasing a wrong fit.

3. Raybestos PGD1624C Professional Grade Ceramic Disk Brake Pad Set

Raybestos PGD1624C is an Element3 PG Professional Grade set of brake pads. They boast an excellent OE design for friction performance, reducing noise and vibration to guarantee safe braking.

The pads are designed with excellent shims, slots, and chamfers. The shims are fitted to the pads to reduce noise and deliver quiet and efficient braking. The slots and chamfers are put in place to reduce braking noise, vibration, and harshness. They optimize brake performance while efficiently reducing noise.

The pads are durable as they come with backing plates that are either stamped or shaved. This further reduces noise and rusting, thereby reducing the untimely wear of the pads. It also helps minimize brake pulsation.

Although the pads have been recommended for the rear wheels, they work perfectly as well for the front wheels. You’ve got no worry about installing these quality pads on the front brake of your car.

If your choice is Raybestos brake pads that will replace original equipment pads, the PGD1624C tops the list. It comes from ceramic or semi-metallic ingredients. This semi-metallic formulation provides the lowest level of noise you can ever desire in car brakes. When you step on the brake pedal, you can be sure of quiet braking.

What’s more, the pads offer an unassailable and strong bite for OE-rivaled braking power. From experience, the pads’ braking power exceeds what you’ll get from OE pads. Thanks to their ceramic applications, the pads deliver impressive and responsive braking. When you hit the pedal, you get clean and silent braking in response.

The thing to note is that the pads may go for average mileage. They may not be so durable. So keep that in mind.
  • Affordable and convenient design.
  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent brake performance.
  • All hardware is included.
  • Excellent noise reduction.
  • Susceptible to dusting.
  • It may not be as durable as expected.

The PGD1624C is excellent value for money. Coming in at $24.28, it is an attractive buy to anyone looking to cut costs while still maintaining quality. Its noise reduction is brilliant. The use of backing plates makes it more durable. This is a great choice for anyone looking for longevity.

4. Raybestos 96354R Professional Grade Disc Brake Rotor

As a leading manufacturer of brake parts, Raybestos isn’t joking with the safety of drivers and car owners. If the features of the first three top-grade brake pads aren’t convincing, then this will blow your mind. I think if you should go for the fourth guy on my list, your brake power will respond with optimum quiet and silence.

Raybestos 96354R belongs to the R Line set of rotors designed to offer excellent braking and longer pad life. It has a 98% coverage ranging from SUVs to light trucks. It has a finished non-directional rotation which makes it suitable for all four corners of the vehicle.

It comes in either black fusion coating, which gives a clean, finished look, or grey fusion coating, which reduces rust for excellent cooling and airflow and can also withstand 300 hours of saltwater exposure.

This disc brake rotor is intended for heavy-duty vehicles with huge towing capabilities. It provides excellent braking performance and advanced technology metallurgy for increased durability.

What’s more, these brake rotors are designed for drivers who are intent on low noise braking. The rotors also boast a quiet ride and incredible OE-level performance. With zero-dust tolerance, the rotors will protect your brake pads from squeezing or going bad.

Customers have complained about the durability of this rotor. The 96354R may not last as long as expected. Especially, if you’re used to long-distance driving, this may not be the best fit for you. So, take note of that.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Good quality.
  • High stopping power.
  • Easy to install.
  • Not as durable as expected.
  • There might be a slight shimmy at highway speeds.
  • It might get warped after some time.

The 96354R is an excellent product. With its non-directional ground finish, it is possible to use on any side of the vehicle. It has optimal stopping power allowing for safe driving. But, it tends to get warped after some time. Apart from that, this is a great choice for anyone seeking a powerful rotor.

5. Raybestos 580279PER Advanced Technology Disc Brake Rotor

If you ask me, I will recommend the Raybestos 580279PER ahead of many of the brands out there. If nothing, 580279PER rotor provides excellent braking. They reduce noise excellently and match OE expectations. They are resistant to warping, which prolongs shelf life exceedingly. These rotors are thickset and will provide a smooth riding experience.

They are of good quality and very economical, especially for anyone who wants high-quality but still affordable. Like the 96354R, it comes in black fusion also. This gives a smooth, finished look. It suppresses noise and is very responsive, allowing for improved performance. It is also ready to install right out of the box.

The pads won’t fail when you need them to stop or slow down your vehicle. As a performance rotor, this rotor fits top-of-the-line brake pads. Remember you should consider the compatibility of your brake pads and rotors before purchasing. With this rotor, you can be sure that the heated gases will escape when the pressure acts on the dense pads.

Guess what? You can also use regular pads with this rotor. It won’t bulge or disappoint. For the grooves, there is enough factory machining on these rotors. It has flawless performance and will save you lots of bucks in installing. A DIY installation works magic.

The downside to this disc brake rotor is that it is a bit pricey. It costs $75.66. That’s a lot of money for someone that may be on a budget for something cheap and effective. Compared to other disc rotors in the market, the 80279PER is a bit more expensive.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Easy to install.
  • Efficiently reduces noise.
  • It is durable.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • Debris and dirt can easily get stuck since the middle slots are not complete.

The 580279PER advanced disc brake rotor is a wonderful choice for anyone with the money to splurge on high-quality rotors. It may be a bit pricey, but the price is still a bit fair compared to some other rotors in the market. It is thickset and resistant to warping allowing for longevity. This is a fantastic choice for anyone with a good eye for rotors.

6. Raybestos 980370 Advanced Technology Disc Brake Rotor

Last but not least on my list of the best Raybestos brake pads and rotors is the 980370. The 980370 disc brake rotor is quite impressive for its oxidation avoidance coating. This means that the rate at which it will get rusted drops significantly, reducing the rate at which it will wear down so it can last longer. So expect excellent braking, low noise, and dusting.

The rotors are heavy-set for high-performance vehicles. They are well constructed to meet up to OEM requirements, ensuring high standards and quality of rotors. It is quite easy to install and delivers optimal performance.

This is the right guy if you’re considering a brake rotor that won’t make your brake pad squeeze. It perfectly protects the pads, brake calipers, and other fragile braking parts.

Another feature you will like about the rotor is its compatibility with multiple cars. It works on a wide range of cars, including SUVs, Benz, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and more. This visibly well-designed rotor has better stopping power and performance.

The good news is that the rotor comes relatively cheap. The low price doesn’t compromise the quality it delivers on your car. You won’t have to go for the sub-par OE rotors that fluff the auto market.

As with the 96354R, there may be a slight shimmy at highway speeds. This can affect the durability of the rotors.
  • Standard friction formulation for safer and smoother operation.
  • Very economical for anyone on a budget looking for great quality rotors.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Reduces rusting.
  • It might wobble slightly at certain speeds.
  • Maybe a bit pricey to some.

This rotor may seem a bit expensive, but I think it works just fine for the features it packs. Its oxidation avoidance coating is quite impressive. Expect a longer shelf-life with this one. With its friction formulation, expect premium delivery. I think this is a wonderful choice for anyone with an eye for high-quality rotors that are still budget-friendly.


Is Raybestos A Good Brand?

When it comes to quality components for your vehicle, there are only a few brands to trust to do the job right. Raybestos is one of the few trustworthy brands for up-to-standard, high-quality components for your vehicle. They deal in quality brake pads, hydraulics, calipers, hubs, and rotors from the Element3 family to the R-Line to the Specialty family of components.

Raybestos delivers premium components that are safe, highly efficient, budget-friendly, and convenient. With a loyal customer base from all over the world, it’s safe to say that Raybestos is one brand that makes quality control and customer service a top priority going by the astounding reviews on the company’s profile.

Raybestos knows and understands the importance of quality brake pads and rotors, which is why they constantly check their components for quality control to make sure that their products meet up with OEM standards to ensure smooth performance. Raybestos delivers nothing but the best in terms of quality, standard, and safety.

Another thing to know about Raybestos is that they make things easier for existing and potential customers by grouping products into kits or families. There is the R-Line Family, Element3 Family, and Specialty Family. This makes for easy location of products for customers.

Raybestos is known for a line of components to make it easier for customers to choose based on preference, budget, and quality. Buyers should have no fear of getting sub-standard components for their vehicles because Raybestos delivers up-to-date and high-quality components.

What Is Raybestos R-Line?

Raybestos r-line is one of the company’s most impressive product lines. The r-line embodies everything an automobile rider might want in terms of brakes, rotors, and easy to install packaging. The R-Line allows customers to confidently select hubs, pads, calipers, and rotors for a full brake job.

For everyday use, the Raybestos R-Line brake pad is dependable and very powerful. It delivers optimum stopping force. Vehicles ranging from cars to SUVs are compatible with the R-Line brake pad.

The rotors have a non-directional ground finish and provide satisfactory performance, dependability, and safety. The Raybestos R-Line offers powerful automotive components.

Depending on your preference, the R-Line brake pads have semi-metallic and ceramic brake formulations. Buyers can make choose what to purchase according to preference. Proving the high-quality standard of the R-Line family, the auto parts are up to par with OE (Original Equipment) minutiae.

Where To Buy Raybestos Brake Pads?

Raybestos brake pads are sold in a lot of stores in the United States. Understandably, there is a need for other ways to get these brakes for those who live outside the US.

Customers can buy Raybestos brake pads directly from their website, official distributors, or online retailers like Amazon. I recommend buying directly from Amazon, so you won’t have problems with the warranty.

Final Verdict

When driving, safety is of utmost importance. Safety should be a top priority before even design. Having quality vehicle components ensure safety while driving. Inasmuch as other factors come into play when it comes to safety while driving, standard components ensure the vehicle’s good condition.

Having a good braking system in place is very necessary for safe driving conditions. It is very easy to just get up and select any brake pads and rotors I feel are good for my car. But this shouldn’t be the case. Before I purchase any components for my car, I always do my research first.

Brake pads are meant to stop a car. For me, that is one important thing I make sure to check out. I always look out for the performance of the brake pads I have in mind to make sure they have optimal stopping power. I also take into consideration the build of the brake pads and noise red I want to purchase. The same goes for rotors too.

From all I have gathered from the Raybestos brakes review, potential buyers should know that getting high-quality brake pads and rotors is possible for good prices. There is no need to break the bank with Raybestos. You can rest assured that Raybestos offers safe, powerful, budget-friendly, OEM standard brake pads and rotors. Feel free to make a choice!