What Are The Top-Rated Nakamoto Brake Pads And Rotors?

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Nakamoto brake pads come in different popular types. In this review, we’ll examine the Nakamoto Ceramic Brake pads, Nakamoto Drilled/Slotted Rotor & Ceramic Brake Pad Kit, and the Nakamoto Semi-Metallic Brake Pads.

The top 5 best Nakamoto brake pads and Rotors are:

  1. Nakamoto Drilled/Slotted Rotor & Ceramic Brake Pad Kit  – Best Overall
  2. Nakamoto Brake Rotor 40206-1KA2A Brake Disc – Best For Nissan Vehicles
  3. Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 Brake Disc – Best For Toyota cars
  4. Nakamoto Brake Rotor BR70-33-25X Brake Disc – Best For Mazda
  5. Nakamoto Ceramic Brake Pads – Best For Smooth Braking Performance

Our pick is the Nakamoto Drilled Slotted Ceramic brake Pad Kit. You’ll find out why this set tops our list. But let’s examine the features of Nakamoto rotor and brake pads in general.

The good news is that you can select any of these types of Nakamoto. They boast all the incredible features a set of brake pads should sport. They produce a pretty low level of dust and noise. They do not wear out quickly as you’ll find with many brands’ brake pads out there.

What’s more, the Nakamoto brake pads that make our list also support your car’s brake rotors. Depending on your choice, you won’t make any wrong if you opt for Nakamoto brake pads.

However, I will talk about the Nakamoto brake pads review in this article and you will see why it is up there with other top brands on the market. While there are many important things to consider in cars such as acceleration power, you should not neglect the ability to stop quickly.

Let’s see what the Nakamoto brake pads have got in this aspect.

Reviews On 5 Top Best Nakamoto Brake Pads & Rotors


Nakamoto Performance Drilled/Slotted Ceramic Brake Pad And Rotor

Nakamoto Performance Drilled/Slotted Ceramic Brake Pad And Rotor

Nakamoto Brake Rotor 40206-1KA2A Brake Disc Nakamoto Brake Rotor 40206-1KA2A Brake Disc

Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 Brake Disc Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 Brake Disc


Nakamoto Brake Rotor BR70-33-25X Brake Disc

Nakamoto Brake Rotor BR70-33-25X Brake Disc

Nakamoto Ceramic Brake Pads Nakamoto Ceramic Brake Pads


1. Nakamoto Performance Drilled/Slotted Ceramic Brake Pad And Rotor – Best For Mild Street Applications

Nakamoto has craftily designed these pads that come with incredible kits. These kits have a premium feature of ceramic pads with an enhanced capacity for ventilation. A basic characteristic of ceramic pads is that they incredibly resist heat which makes them extraordinary. Thanks to these features in these Nakamoto brake pads.

You enjoy seamless driving when you combine them with Nakamoto’s drilled and slotted rotors. This helps to prevent fading when there is a need to stop irrespective of the condition you are driving.

For people who love street racing, extreme applications, and even serious off-road applications, these pads are all you need. Drivers who crave solid pad bites and steady pedal feel can also opt for these pads.

However, for average daily driving, the stopping power of these pads can also provide stop wishes. While these pads come with immeasurable benefits, they also gave some downturns. They are prone to cracking since they are drilled and slotted especially when used for consistent braking applications.

Furthermore, based on their designs, it is impossible to resurface their rotors. Therefore, people on a budget may not find them as the most suitable option. These pads are not recommended for faint-hearted people, instead, for breathtaking braking performance enthusiasts.

The truth about these pads is that they may lead to overkilling when used for regular driving. However, when you combine them with Nakamoto series rotors and ceramic pads, users can enjoy a more effective bite even in any driving conditions.

Extreme racers could not hide their feelings that these brake pads provide all their braking needs. Some commended they don’t have to struggle to ensure they come to rest when the need arises.

However, a few people complain about the brake pads’ vulnerability to cracking. That’s something you shouldn’t overlook, should you?
  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Brake cooling features
  • Reduction of noise and dust
  • Suitable for rear and front brakes
  • Anti-rust and corrosion feature
  • Resurface difficulties
  • Not available for American SUVs and trucks

What more can I say for extreme applications enthusiasts? The Nakamoto Drilled/Slotted Rotor & Ceramic Brake Pad is the reliable solution to stop anytime you wish. It’s worth every penny you invest in it. Great guy!

2. Nakamoto Brake Rotor 40206-1KA2A Brake Disc – Best For Nissan Vehicles

There is a lot that stands the Nakamoto brand out from the crowd. One of these is the reputation and quality of products. The near-universal application of most of its brake products makes this manufacturer sought-after in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

With many braking products up for grabs on the market, you need a pair of brake pads that serves your braking needs, provide quality performance and ensure quiet and smooth braking. The Nakamoto 40206-1KA2A Brake Disc comes in handy to resolve all your braking issues.

First off, this product is compatible with Tilda (2012-date), Sentra (2014-date), Nissan Juke (2010-date), and Sylphy 2014-date). Essentially, if you’re a Nissan enthusiast, hop on the value the 40206-1KA2A Brake Disc brings to the table.

The brake disc comes with a marine-grade casting built with top-quality G3000 metallurgy. Given the casting design alone, you’re sure of power, safety, and durability. With its reliable positive mold technology, Nakamoto mixes a reasonable content of carbon (approximately 3.25%) with G3000 grey iron. The formulation complies strictly with OE specifications.

The brake disc features proper plating and precise drilling to guarantee quality braking throughout the component’s lifetime. With its symmetric vane casting, the product will provide structural balance and heat efficiency when operating under extremely hot conditions. This design also ensures amazingly even weight distribution when braking. The car won’t shake, vibrate, or bend from one side to another when you press down on the brake pedal.

What’s more, the Nakamoto 40206-1KA2A is easy to install and replace. You don’t need any special skill or tool to get things done. In fact, the installation is modification-free and bolt-on. The OE fitment and form is trouble-free when installing this amazing kit.

The positive mold process also ensures increased friction of the material density of the Nakamoto 40206-1KA2A. Besides, the multi-layer shim reduces noise and vibration while guaranteeing a consistent pedal feel on your foot. When it comes to consistency and reliability in stops, this is the right choice for you.

But hey, have you realized the Nakamoto 40206-1KA2A can be pretty costly. If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider some other brake pads.
  • Positive mold for increased thickness
  • Multi-layer shim for reduced noise and vibration
  • Modification-free installation
  • Reliable and consistent pedal feel
  • Relatively costly

No regret if you have this kit in your garage. Excellent brake pedal feel makes you feel good in your car. Go for it!

3. Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 Brake Disc – Best For Toyota Cars

Nothing makes drivers happier than having a top-notch braking system on their wheel. But it comes with adequate research. If you’re an auto enthusiast with a bias for Toyota, you’ll need the BR70-33-25X Brake Rotor Brake Disc for quality, smooth and quiet braking. After all, nothing comes before or after safety while driving.

The Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 Brake Disc is specifically designed for a wide range of Toyota vehicles, including Camry, Avensis, Isis, Gaia, Lexus RX300, Alphard, and Executive Sedans. The brake parts are compatible with sports and utility cars.

The formulation of this pair of brake rotors is quite intimidating. From the symmetric vane casting to its adequate plating, and DIY installation, there’s something to benefit from using this pair of products.

The casting of the Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 Brake Disc comes from the top-quality G3000 metallurgy. Here, about 3.25% carbon is mixed with strict OE standards to give adequate brake bite and friction when you step on the brake pedal.

This feature is excellently complemented by the proper plating and precise drilling that meet and exceed original equipment specs and fitment. The symmetric casting is in view of empowering the brake rotors to withstand braking operations in hot weather. Besides, it also provides safety while enhancing the structural balance of the vehicle.

That’s not all. The Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 Brake Disc also ensures your vehicle gets even weight distribution each time you press down on the brake pedal. The car won’t vibrate or shake from one side to another.

Top-rate performance is another advantage of using the Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040. The brake pads fit OE specs and detail, thanks to the minimal plate thickness. This guarantees safety checks and provides quality power against extreme braking conditions. Installation is a no-brainer. You can set up and remove without any special skill or tool.

The only question that may trouble potential buyers is the low level of review from users. Past reviews from users aren’t sufficiently convincing to warrant recommending this product.
  • Exceed OE specs
  • Top-quality marine-grade design
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal plate thickness for quiet braking
  • Limited application

If you love Toyota cars, you might want to tilt towards the Nakamoto Brake Rotor 43512-33040 for all your brake pad and rotors replacement. This is the best guy that will provide all that you need. Take advantage, folks.

4. Nakamoto Brake Rotor BR70-33-25X Brake Disc – Best For Mazda

If you own a Mazda, Demio, or Ford Escort, the best Nakamoto brake pads for your safe driving pleasure are the Nakamoto Brake Rotor BR70-33-25X Brake Disc. The brake discs have a lot to deliver when it comes to features and performance.

To start with, the Nakamoto Brake Rotor BR70-33-25X is manufactured with top-grade G3000 metallurgy to meet and exceed original equipment specifications. With the G3000 metallurgy, one thing this pair guarantees you is quality performance, off-road and on-road.

The science behind this incredible casting is that the rotors feature the addition of high carbon content as the primary element to the grey iron disc rotors. The formulation requires approximately 3.25% of carbon content mixed with G3000 grey iron.

This purpose is to reinforce the thermal properties. More importantly, the brake pads ensure your wheel gets amazing friction that‘s enough to reduce noise and dampen vibration. What it implies is that you won’t hear any noise when you use this pair of Nakamoto brake pads and rotors.

That’s not all. The brake disc is compatible with Ford Escort (1991-1996), Demio (1998-2003), and Mazda 323 1998-date. Apart from its symmetric vane casting, the brake rotors are properly plated and drilled to enhance the component’s capacity to withstand heat.

Added to thermal efficiency, the disc also guarantees structural balance, solid performance, and safety.

The rotors’ minimal plate thickening and casting help to improve details for optimal braking while on the road. This also allows for smooth and quiet braking throughout your journey. Besides, you will also enjoy weight distribution. Guess what?

The disc is pretty easy to install and replace. With a simple DIY procedure, you can set up the brake pads and complete the bolt-on within minutes.

However, the only downside of this product is that the features advertised have not been reviewed by many customers. So, you may have to be a little bit wary if you’re a beginner driver or shopper of Nakamoto brake parts.
  • Pretty affordable
  • Vane casting for smooth and quiet braking
  • Friction and safety guaranty
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Not for universal application

Overall, make sure you check that the actual specs and fitment match your car details. But trust me, the features of this product are intimidating for any shrewd buyer to ignore. Interestingly, it doesn’t require you to break the bank.

5, Nakamoto Ceramic Brake Pads – Best For Smooth Braking

Generally, cutting-edge ceramic formulations are adopted for the Nakamoto premium brakes line. However, these technologies involved helps to greatly reduce the level of NVH.

Above all, Nakamoto’s employed technology is a great way of maximizing the benefits of these pads’ composition. This, however, makes them the best choice for trucks and high-end vehicles.

These pads are carefully crafted with one of the best technologies and this makes them ideal for a consistent pedal feel and smooth braking experience. Their quality control, OE grade, and quality formulation during their production process make them provide easy braking applications.

Moreover, they fit into the most common driving conditions. Although the production process and materials of these pads don’t exempt them from limitations, however, you may not be able to apply them in some areas.

For people who engage in consistent hauling or heavy loads, these pads may not be the right choice to go for. Also, if you find yourself in extremely cold climates, opting for different Nakamoto brake pads products may be the solution to your braking needs. This will help you save money in the long run from changing pads continually.

These brake pads offer OE features. Thanks to the mode of production that helps to reduce dust, noise, vibrations production. For drivers seeking upscale braking experience, the Nakamoto ceramic brake pads are undoubtedly the choice to make.

If, however, you are not concerned about getting other braking needs than a solid pad bite even at a cheaper cost, you may consider Nakamoto’s semi-metallic pads. They have all you need to get an effective pad bite.

Buyers of these pads argued that there is no better replacement for OE offerings. Many were pleased and delighted it offers all the features according to their description.

There’s something not too fantastic about this product. You’ll need to check if the pads fit your Corolla model. There are other options available.
  • Friendly to all weather conditions
  • Very low NVH
  • Rotor-friendly and longevity
  • Low dust, vibration, and noise levels
  • Highly resistant to fading
  • Unsuitable for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Not budget-friendly

Whatever feature the OE brake pads offer, you can equally get the same in these brake pads. The technology employed in their production has prorated them a better and smooth driving experience.


Are Nakamoto Brakes Any Good?

Yes, Nakamoto brake pads are long-lasting, reliable, and good on the wheel. The quality and reliability of the Nakamoto brake pads enhance safe driving. But a clog in the wheel of the popularity of Nakamoto brands is the low review and ratings. You may not know how much the brake pads perform in various applications.

Notwithstanding, if a product has a historical record and proof, you might not want to give so much to the negative sentiments. Nakamoto brake pads and rotors come with a reputation.

This is why the brand has been a choice for many buyers. Even in the absence of many reviews, there has not been negative feedback from users. These brands’ state-of-the-art engineering with over 40 years of experience has set them above many other brands in the market.

Fortunately, these brands are available in more than 50 countries globally. With these reputation and good reviews, it is safe and proper to conclude that Nakamoto’s brake pads are very good. They have all it takes to win buyers’ confidence.

Where Are Nakamoto Brakes Made?

Nakamoto company is headquartered in the district of Neihu, Tapei, Taiwan. Just as we’ve discussed in the products review above, the Nakamoto brake pads employ more technology in the production of the brake parts line. However, they are fully automated and do not depend much on the interaction of humans.

Are Nakamoto Semi-Metallic Brake Pads Worth it?

Absolutely! Even with the growing replacement of semi-metallic with ceramic brake pads, you won’t regret investing your hard-earned money in Nakamoto semi-metallic brake pads and rotors. They are the best when it comes to daily commuting.

Especially if you crave value and balance in brake pads, the Nakamoto semi-metallic brake pads will be your right call. However, always remember that these pads are not low-end. So if you’re on a budget, you’ll need to shift attention to other products out there.

But trust me, Nakamoto semi-metallic brake products offer effective braking and can stand in place of many of the state-of-the-art ceramic pad brands out there. They are designed to offer similar power to ceramic pads when there is a need to stop.

If you are concerned more about a greatly reduced level of dust production, noise levels, and extended pads lifespan, the ceramic pads will take care of this. Daily commuting needs an effective braking system since you require stopping from one point to another.

However, your car can come to rest without struggling with the Nakamoto semi-metallic brake pads.

Yet, the pads’ formulation has prepared them to be slightly powerful when stopping your vehicle. They remain the best choice for pickup trucks or SUVs.

Additionally, heavy-passenger cars also fit into the design of Nakamoto semi-metallic pads. The incredible casting, properly plating, and precise drilling makes Nakamoto’s semi-metallic pads fit for daily driving.

You may have to deal with the high noise and dust production. Besides, they quickly wear brake rotors out than you would find with most ceramic pads. More so, if you apply them under extreme conditions, they can be vulnerable to fading more than you can think. They are also susceptible to squeaking.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right brake pads majorly depends on the baking system requirements of your car. If you are planning to replace your brake pads, it is important to weigh the pros and cons to see the best match for your car.

Not many brake pads in the market offer the qualities you will enjoy when you choose any of Nakamoto’s brake pads lines. These products are available in different forms and regardless of what you prefer, whether it’s a premium braking experience of ceramic or semi-metallic, they are the best choice.

However, my above Nakamoto brake pads review is all you need to make the right choice when it comes to suitable brake pads for your cars. You’ll need to outline your braking needs and choose what brakes will match them.

Fortunately, Nakamoto brake pads are available for different driving needs. So, you are covered with whatever your braking application needs are.