Meet Our Team


Bogi is a master mechanic and the owner of 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix Arizona. She also teaches basic car care classes for women for repair facilities and organizations across the country. “I’m passionate about teaching others about their cars, getting more women into the automotive field and supporting the industrial arts in general.”

180 Automotive | Kenny – Master Tech, Lead Technician

Our lead comedian was born in LA, but grew up in Phoenix. In 2011 he joined our circus and has been keeping us smiling ever since. His dedication to the company is surpassed only by the dedication to his family. When he’s not in full 180 mode, you can likely find him cheering on the sideline at one of his kids’ soccer or volleyball games.

180 Automotive | Angel – Technician

Born and raised in New Mexico, Angel relocated to Phoenix in 2009. She joined the 180 team in 2010 and has been hard at work ever since. Driven by challenges and determination, Angel enjoys the problem solving aspects of being a mechanic. She considers 180 Auto to be her second family and her commitment comes through in everything she does.

180 Automotive | Brittni – Technician

Hailing from Peoria, Arizona Brittni joined our team in 2013. From a young age she has always gravitated towards hands-on activities. Her passion grew into helping friends and family work on vehicles as a teenager. Brittni is an ASE Certified Mechanic and her specialities are the Volkswagon, Audi, Mini and Fiat. In her spare time is passionate about building race cars and engines… oh, and cats!

180 Automotive | Doug – Service Advisor

In 2012, Doug made Arizona his home and joined the 180 Degrees Automotive team in 2013. His love of the automobile started early when he began taking toys apart as a kid, bought his first muscle car at 17 with a passion for cars ever since. One of his favorite perks of the job is his opportunity to work with and build long-term relationships with amazing customers.

180 Automotive | Default image for team member

Austin has been a Phoenician since 2000 and came aboard 180 Degrees Automotive in 2013. She didn’t have a background in the automotive industry, but rather was inspired by Bogi’s vision for the business and wanted to be part of a team that made car care less intimidating while building long-term client relationships. When she’s not working, Austin is passionate about enjoying local live music and vegetarian cuisine.

180 Automotive | Reasey Casey – Service Advisor

Another rare gem born and raised in Phoenix, Reasey made 180 Degrees Automotive her home away from home in 2014. With a sassy smile and smooth voice, her best quality is building great relationships with all our customers. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, a bit of theater, and spa days.

180 Automotive | Default image for team member

Hailing all the way from Asheville, North Carolina, we like to think she traveled across the country just to join our team, but she became part of the 180 family in 2014. Her unofficial title is the “Director of Wow” and among her many talents is the ability to make our customers smile.