How Much Does Monster Truck Tires Cost?

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Monster truck enthusiasts often love to enjoy their time on the four-wheel, power steering, and heavy-duty suspension vehicle. But it requires durable and solidly made oversized tires to work effectively.

But how much does a monster truck tire cost? This article has insights into what you will have to spare to buy a tire for your monster truck. Let’s find out below.

How Much Does Monster Truck Tires Cost?

On average, a pair of monster truck tires will cost anywhere between $2,500 and $3,500. The price changes significantly, depending on the brand and the quality of the product you’re seeking to buy.

Another factor to consider is the size and strength of the tires you’re looking at. Wider, stronger, and larger monster Jam tires are more expensive than their smaller and narrower counterparts.

If you’re going for the vintage monster tires, you should be ready to pay more. But, trust me, there’s no investment too big or small to put on driving a safe monster jam. Getting it back on the road comes at a cost, after all.

But, will it be too much or outrageous to spend about $2,600 on a tire for a machine that goes for $250,000, on average? I don’t think so if you ask me.

Popular among casual auto enthusiasts, the monster truck has become a favorite for its incredible performance. Like the truck itself, the monster tires aren’t cheap to buy. Whether it is the standard or premium monster truck tires, you must be ready to invest some bucks to get the best from the machine.

Typically, the engineering of monster truck tires is amazing. There is a custom size for each pair of monster truck tires. Nonetheless, these off-road tires cannot be less than 66 inches in height (5.5 ft.) and 43 inches in width (3.6 ft.), and 25” in diameter.

The least diameter for a monstrous truck tire is 48-inch and this is manufactured by Firestone and used by BigFoot. Generally, monster truck tires are oversized and terra tires.

Why Monster Truck Tires Are Expensive And Rare

If you’re curious about the monster truck tires and why they’re damn expensive, I will tell you a few reasons why. The first thing to say is that monster truck tires are costly, and understandably so. Let’s find out why they are rare and expensive.

Staggering Car Crush Figures Per Year

The truth is that monster truck tires are rare to come by on the market. The reason is simple. Monster trucks are manufactured on orders.

Except for the ones attached to agriculture equipment, monster trucks tracks are not common in the cities. With a staggering record of crushing 3,000 cars per year, monster trucks have been limited to a few truck tracks.

Not Your Regular Tires

Don’t’ forget, these are not the regular tires that you install on your SUV or Sedan. They are specially made for dangerous jobs and conditions.

You should expect extraordinary situations to demand extraordinary measures; special vehicle parts doing out-of-the-world jobs should also gulp bizarre prices, shouldn’t they? Besides, monster jams are very expensive. Only a few individuals can afford the average price of the vehicle.

They are big and weigh a ton. Most monster trucks are 144 inches wide (12 ft.) and 144 inches tall (12ft.). Their average weight is 10,000 pounds minimum. Some weigh as heavy as 12,000 pounds.

Despite the heavyweight feature, a monster truck can reach a height of 420 inches (35 ft.) and cover up to 1,560 inches (130 ft.) in distance.

Made From High-End Material

Monstrous truck tires are constructed from high-end rubber materials. This design material makes them suitable for rugged off-road and on-road use.

They are made to withstand all kinds of pressure and weather conditions. They come in contact with uneven racing terrain and tread on sharp objects in their day-to-day activities. That’s not all.

Monsters Do Dirty Jobs

The kind of dirty jobs monster trucks does require that they are installed with top-quality, heavily-built tires. Monster trucks are designed to entertain and compete in grueling races.

As a result, these long races make the tires come under extreme pressure. And they must not deteriorate quickly or develop any major issues.

High Demand, Low Supply

Another reason I also think the monster truck tires are expensive is their high demand. In our elementary economics, when demand exceeds supply, there is a tendency for a price increase. There is a high demand for monster truck tires.

Sadly, unlike your regular vehicle tires, monster truck tires are not mass manufactured. Hence, there is a shortage of supply. Usually, quality and not-too-used products are rare and expensive.

No Aftermarket Production

To say that monster truck tires are made by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) is a no-brainer. Tire replacement or aftermarket suppliers aren’t made for this kind of specially made vehicle parts.

From the business point of view, multipurpose vehicles operate on components that require expertise and specialty before they’re made. As a result, their production is often undertaken by OEMs. Hence, in most cases, production or supply is often based on order.

How Long Do Monster Tires Last?

On average, a pair of good monster truck tires can last up to five years. Some last longer, depending on some factors. Like every other vehicle tire, a monster truck tire can go bad if there’s a cut at the sidewall. The tires come with perks that support them to last longer than 5 years.

Apart from its amazing dimension, the oversized monstrous truck tires are known to be pretty heavy, spotting between 10 and 16-ply. Each pair also boasts an average weight of 270-360 kg (600-800). These intimidating features tell you much about what you expect from these tires.

The good thing is that the tires are greatly engineered to hold out against off-road and on-road threats. To begin with, the tires are installed with oil and nitrogen shocks as well as 30-inch shock absorbers.

These oversized tires are also heavily reinforced with a shock body, heavy axles, and heavy-duty, used leaf suspension.

All this structural support is designed to make your monstrous tires stand the test of time. Besides, during competition and entertainment, these tires will deliver optimally without failing.

New Vs Used Monster Truck Tires: Which To Go For

Impulsively, you will expect me to say used monster tires because of their low price. But on a second look, will you rather agree that cost should have priority over safety? I don’t suppose. Generally, used monster truck tires are very cheap.

They’re about 30% or 50% cheaper than the new ones. Who wouldn’t hop at a monster truck tire offered for US$300 to US$800? Compare this to brand new monster truck tires that go for $2,500, on average.

It tells you something that all that glistens is not gold. Used monster truck tires are cheap but can perform badly.


On the flip side, as cheap as used monster truck tires can be, they can also be a disaster on your car. The downside far outweighs its benefits. Monster trucks are heavy-duty machines used on farm equipment.

Weighing over 12,000 pounds with an engine capacity of 1,400 horsepower, a monster truck needs resilient tires. You’re not likely to find these features in most used tires.

Longevity And Durability

Another downside of installing used tires on your monster trucks is that they are not durable. New tires can hold out against extreme conditions and perform better.

They also cover more mileage and last longer on your monster trucks than their used counterparts. Rather than investing in second-hand tires, sacrificing a few more bucks will save you some money in the end.


The priority in driving is safety. Installing a quality brand new tires on your monster truck will guarantee safety than opting for a second-hand set. That you cannot trace the history of a used tire make things even more complicated.

Abandoned tires might have been overloaded, over-inflated, or under-inflated. It may have also been used on terrains and tracks not built for it. The tires may have also suffered internal damage, uneven wear, misalignment, or suspension issues. All of these are indicators of disaster.

Overall Performance

New tires perform better than old or used ones. Since they come from OEM, you can be sure that they’ll provide extra grip off-road and on-road. Whether in the snow or rain, new monster truck tires are adequately equipped to deliver optimal performance.

Most of the used tires with internal damage cannot drive away water due to lack of cross patterned design. Plus, new tires will provide a quieter and more comfortable drive.

They may be costlier than their used counterparts, new tires offer superb traction. What’s more, they boast responsive handling and excellent stability, whether you’re on a low or high speed.

Who Makes Monster Trucks Tires

The official manufacturers of the monster jam tire series are Firestone and BKT. BTK has been around for decades but became the standard maker of Monster tires in 2014. The brand is popular for the production of vintage high-quality monster tires.

The price may come premium and sometimes may require you to break the bank. But you won’t regret paying such an amount on any monster truck tire. Alternatively, you can also find locally made monster tires.

Despite the tires’ popularity for huge size, BTK has a revolution around the modern wheel design. Today, new monster tires are high-performance, effective, and lightweight.

It features a thinner rubber combo which gives it great traction and grip. Besides, the tires boast deep thread flotation and work excellently on your monster truck.

Firestone is known for the production of monster truck tires for BigFoot company. BigFoot is a maker of some of the top best monster trucks for agricultural equipment.

It doesn’t matter the truck track. Firestone monster truck tires spot great traction perks and hold a firm grip on the track. In 1986, BigFoot built the biggest monster truck tires, called BigFoot 5 and measure 10 feet. On average, it takes about 5 hours to cut one monster truck tire.

Final Word

I have provided a detailed insight into what you should expect and consider before opting for monster truck tires.

One of the few takeaways from this article is that monster trucks are tire-selective. If it is not visually definitive, monstrously built, and visibly oversized, it is not the tire designed for monstrous trucks.

Don’t forget, a linchpin for truly monstrous performance for this racing machine is a pair of highly durable, advanced, and solid tires. They are enablers of capabilities, including reinforcing the vehicle’s capacity to continuously repeat backflips.

Besides, top-quality monster truck tires offer aggression. I mean, we’re talking about a tire taller than a human being, here! Common!

Now, you can imagine why the cost of buying monster tires can be budget-draining? Are they worth the average $2,600 spending? I think I will say yes, without equivocation. You’ve got to spare the money.

But, hey, once you’ve finally decided to roam the market and buy, go for the tires that will last. You cannot stand a tire burst while racing with a monster truck.

Don’t go for a tire that has compromised or defective structural integrity. Otherwise, the consequence will better be imagined than experienced. Take my word for it and I can bet my life.