What Are The Top-Rated Hart Brake Pads And Rotors?

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The auto parts and accessories market is saturated with a wide range of products and parts. You’ll find different brands supplying and selling brake pads, brake rotors, and brake calipers. Identifying genuine products can be sapping and a little tricky.

But a curious and careful driver or car owner won’t bulge or get tired in his search. This is because the braking system is arguably the most important part of the car. Any compromise can cause serious damage or accident.

Reviews On 5 Top Best Hart Brake Pads And Rotors


Hart BHCC.44092.02 – Best For Toyota Cars

Hart BHCC.44092.02 – Best For Toyota Cars

Platinum Hart Drilled Slot Brake PHCC 4417302 Platinum Hart Drilled Slot Brake PHCC 4417302

Hart Full Kit Brake BHCC.35083.02 Hart Full Kit Brake BHCC.35083.02


Black Hart Brake Rotors And Ceramic Pad BHCC.42102.02

Black Hart Brake Rotors And Ceramic Pad BHCC.42102.02

Fit 2006-2010 Hart Brake Rotors & Ceramic Brake Pads Fit 2006-2010 Hart Brake Rotors & Ceramic Brake Pads


1. Hart BHCC.44092.02 – Best For Toyota Cars

Are you a Toyota enthusiast? Do you need a set of brake pads that will offer confidence while driving on the road? I have listed the Hart BHCC.44092.02 to relieve you of the stress of looking for Toyota brake pads.

What’s unique about this set? A lot is, really. From performance to design, there is so much this pad set will deliver. To start with, BHCC.44092.02 has no design flaw in its overall makeup.

The brake set comes with a bolt-on design that makes hardware a perfect fit for all your braking needs. The reliability of these pads is not in question as it features a precision-slotted surface. That’s not all.

When it comes to durability the Hart BHCC.44092.02 boasts of the features that make it one of the sought-after brake parts in the market.

Its direct bolt-on plus cross-drilled design is a standout feature that will make the pads last longer than many of the guys out there.

If you need a brake pad set that boasts high-end performance, this product won’t disappoint. Yet, it doesn’t matter the driving conditions or the number of hours on the road. Trust me.

The brake pads are easy to install. The set comes with a full package kit that makes installation a walk in the park.

Easy installation also means that you can disengage the pads when you no longer need them on your car. You don’t need any technician, and there is no special tool or skill to assemble the kit.

Despite the incredible features, you won’t have to break the bank before you can enjoy the flawless and reliable service from this brake pad. It is one of the most affordable guys on this list.

The responsiveness is top-notch. When you hit your foot on the brake pedal, this brake instantly stops your car or slows it down. You won’t notice any movement of your car from the moment you step on the brake pedal. The responsiveness is amazing.

What’s more, there is quiet response and performance. Thanks to the pad’s ceramic design, you won’t hear any noise or see dust when you brake for a respite.

The pads don’t feature the screeching sound that often comes with braking. Because the pads also absorb much heat, there is no risk of overheating.

Some auto owners have complained that these pads are quite thin. There’s also apprehension about the suitability of these pads on other vehicles apart from Lexus. So, you may have to brace up for these drawbacks.
  • Reliable and durable
  • Excellent stopping power
  • Zero noise and dust level
  • Feature installation kit
  • Look pretty thin brake pads
  • Not suitable for SUVs

Overall, you can choose these brake pads for most of your Toyota cars, including Lexus. You won’t miss the elegance that comes with these pads. Interestingly, the Hart pads come in a wide range of colors.

2. Platinum Hart Drilled Slot Brake PHCC 4417302

In my almost two decades of experience in this automotive industry – and particularly in dealing in auto brakes – I have had special respect for Hart Brakes. The brand represents impressive design, incredible stopping power, low-dust and zero-noise level, and more.

SUV owners will find this set of brake pads a reliable part of their braking system. If you’re looking for an ultimate brake kit to serve your purpose all season, this guy won’t disappoint. Fully packed, this amazing kit comes with pads, rotors, and other accessories.

From the design point of view, the BRAKE PHCC 4417302 features the popular and most durable diamond slotted design. This way, you can be sure you’re setting up a brake kit that won’t make noise or raise dust.

The crossed and slotted drills in the kit make it easy and seamless for air to pass through the rotors without any glitch. So, the reality is that the rotors come with burning risks. It means the rotors will absorb the heat and dissipate it as constantly as it receives it.

Additionally, the kit is designed to work under any driving conditions. Whether you drive in the heavy rain or under the scorching sun, this brake kit will neither rust nor overheat.

It features an incredible anti-rust ceramic part which will make it resist rust and corrosion.

Another standout feature of this brake kit is the silver-zinc coating. You can be that the model will last longer than a lot of the products out there.

Having a brake kit that guarantees increased lifespan is something every car owner looks forward to. This model is no exception because it has a durable feature, thanks to the amazing glazing.

What’s more, the BRAKE PHCC 4417302 has become a favorite among drivers who love safe driving due to its versatility. The model is useful for both front and rear brakes. You’re looking at a model that won’t limit your use of it.

What about the model’s high-end performance? This is the perfect definition of the kit. It comes with a set of precision slots and drills that make the brake pads resistant to rust.

The more interesting thing you’ll love about these ceramic pads is that they are suitable for front and rear wheels. Whether you drive a fast r super-fast vehicle, this set of pads comes with zero risk.

A lot of auto owners are pleased with the brake pads’ high responsiveness and extremely low noise level. It’s always exciting when you hit your foot o the brake pedal and the car slows or stops almost instantly.

However, despite the incredible features, some shoppers feel that the pads need more quality coating. This may be a serious dent in the durability of the kit.
  • Perfectly design
  • Zero noise level
  • Rust and water-resistant
  • Frictionless design
  • Low coating quality

Why will these brakes not feature on my list? Their incredible stopping power, diamond slots, refined design, high-quality performance, and quick-fire response are all you need.

3. Hart Full Kit Brake BHCC.35083.02

The desire for a set of brake pads that will deliver in season and off-season prompted the manufacture of the Hart BHCC.35083.02. This highly responsive brake kit comes with incredible features that make it one of the sought-after models in the market.

To start with, the BHCC.35083.02 will turn out to be the most versatile model on my list.

Although originally designed to cater mostly for BMW X5 from 2011 to 2019, this kit spots a wide range of features that make it the best choice for most cars. If you are an Audi A3 or Volkswagen enthusiast, this brake pad works perfectly too.

With a slotted design, this guy won’t give in to the antics of rust and corrosion. It doesn’t matter whether you drive in the winter or summer, the brake pads will hold out against the elements.

This is why the rotors can move smoothly and the calipers work effectively, and the braking system will serve you better.

What’s more, the BHCC.35083.02 is ceramic-based. That suggests that it will last long. The durability coefficient is much higher than a lot of the products out there.

The black zinc coating of these brake pads helps to protect the surface from corroding. Corrosion is responsible for a lot of wear and tear in most metal brake parts.

Naturally, ceramics are brittle and greatly strong and hard, with high melting points. This implies that they are highly resistant to heat.

This brake kit won’t overheat because they absorb a lot of this under severe conditions. The drilled holes are features you wouldn’t want to miss out on. These help to prevent the issue of overheating.

Another thing you’ll like about this brake model is the OEM-like design. You won’t have to regret not having the original equipment because these pads are made up to the OEM standard. The pads can be on your car wheel for years without having to change them.

The good news about this product is that it doesn’t feature any negative reviews. Customers are more than pleased with the performance, design, durability, and delivery of this kit. If you want for the front or rear brake, it will work perfectly without issues.

Again, when you talk of noise or dust, these brake pads won’t produce any noise when you step on the brake pedal. There is a high level of noise reduction. Besides, the brake pads also don’t produce dust. It can endure kilometers of a journey without failing.

But the issue with this brake kit is its high price. Although the price fits into some budgets, many customers think the value of the kit doesn’t match the asking price.
  • Perfect OEM-designed kit
  • Most versatile
  • No-dust and zero-noise
  • Corrosion and Heat-resistant
  • Durable and anti-rust
  • Relatively pricey

Overall, the BHCC.35083.02 is one of the most well-articulated and engineered brake kits you can find in the market.

The few drawbacks don’t mean the product won’t offer consistent and risk-free performance. The price, however, shouldn’t be a huge hitch for your enjoyment as a driver.

4. Black Hart Brake Rotors And Ceramic Pad BHCC.42102.02

Hart Brakes comes again with another set of impeccable brake pads and rotors. This set is designed to perform and deliver optimally throughout your journey, thanks to its high-end performance.

The set also spots noise cancellation, minimum dust, and resistance to dust, anti-rust, and many more standout features.

Let me take you through the specific performance of this brake pad. The Hart BHCC.42102.02 works almost like many of its counterparts in this review. But it spots some unique features that stand out from the crowd.

Designed for both the front and rear wheels, these brake pads are pretty easy to install. As a result, you don’t need any special tool or skill to set the pads up on your car wheel. All you have to simply do is to bolt the rotors on.

With their advanced ceramic formulation, these pads and rotors help to cancel the noise that often accompanies many of the brake kits out there.

This product comes with incredibly minimum noise and dust. When you hit the brake pedal, these pads produce consistent and quiet performance.

Don’t forget, the less dust the brakes produce, the longer the rotors will stay on the car. Having a brake kit that will protect your rotors against easy damage is a great way to spend wisely and drive safely.

The good thing is that the rotors also feature anti-rust and anti-corrosive elements, making them produce less dust.

Thanks to the black zinc coating that helps to prevent corrosion and rust, the rotors will last long. They won’t be affected by oil, water, or dust. Consequently, you can drive in the summer sun and winter rain.

Even when breaking the pads in, the coating will not remove because you actually need a small measure of a break-in. At that, too, the rotors will not get dirty in any way. They will look after the break-in.

What this means is that with or without the black varnish, the rotors still maintain their incredible appearance.

What’s more, the Hart Brakes BHCC.42102.02 rotors have incredible drills and slots that make the rotors move smoothly around the pads and calipers.

Although the rotors that come with the kit look smaller than the other guys on this list, they still spot amazing performance.

The slots and drills allow for precise fitting while providing great stopping power. The cross-drilled holes are designed to reinforce the brakes ventilation while keeping the cool look of the rotors.

However, if you’re a lover of heavyweight brake pads and rotors, this kit isn’t for you. But then, a brake kit has to be lightweight. This model is not. You may have to check any other one on my list for that feature.
  • Affordable
  • Incredible stopping power
  • Easy to install
  • Quality vent
  • Anti-corrosive glazing
  • Anti-rust
  • Lightweight

5. Fit 2006-2010 Hart Brake Rotors & Ceramic Brake Pads

Making the fifth place on my list of the best Hart brake pads and rotors is this high-end performance brake kit.

The position doesn’t really matter, trust me, because this kit has a lot of features that can make it to the top 3 best brake kits from hart Brakes. But explore the features.

First off, this kit comes in a full package. There is nothing you want in brake rotors and pads that this guy won’t deliver. They spot all the signature perks you desire in a brake set. What are these features?

Let me start with the kit’s most attractive and unique feature which is its black zinc coating. You won’t have to worry about rotors corroding or rusting.

Apart from leaving the rotors looking cool and shiny all the way, the coating also prevents the rotors from damaging very easily.

During break-in, you might likely notice much of the black zinc varnishing wear off. Yet, the appearance of the rotors won’t get lost or deteriorate as much as making them look matt.

Sometimes, your tires might show off the rotors, you won’t have to worry because the rotors are incredibly designed and varnished.

Another impressive feature of this brake pad set is the availability of crossed drills and holes. There are also precision slots. What teeth do these perks provide for your car braking system? First off, they reinforce the durability of the brake rotors and pads.

Typically, brake pads with drills and holes are popular for their long-lasting capacity. This comes through the provision of adequate ventilation that lets air pass through the rotors. This way, the rotors can work well and look pretty cool even after years of installation.

You’re amazed, right? Let me burst your bubble more on this product. The precision slots also ensure that the kit fits perfectly and perform efficiently on your car wheel.

You can rest assured of the right stopping power that your need.

Hence, each time you step your foot on the brake pedal, the car will come to a gradual stop or slow down, depending on what you want. The short stopping distance significantly assures safety throughout your journey.

With the 2006-2010 Hart Brake Rotors & Ceramic Brake Pads, you are looking at a brake kit that boasts advanced ceramic components.

This feature spots immense quiet driving and zero tolerance for dust production. You can be sure of a low dust buildup which keeps the rotors safe from rust in the end.

Heavier by 80 pounds than the Hart Brakes BHCC.67069.02, this model of brake kit comes with 14x14x14 dimensions. This makes it suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

You’re not limited to using the pads on a vehicle. It fits and performs excellently on a wide range of car models and brands.

Some customers have complained that the model is a bit pricier. Although there is no complaint about its features and performance, low-budget shoppers will have to look elsewhere for another model.
  • Noise and dust cancellation
  • Easy to install
  • Good stopping power
  • Low stopping or slowing distance
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Relatively pricey for low-budget drivers and car owners

When you consider a lot of things, you won’t want to let money be an obstacle to enjoying this incredible brake pad set.

The brake pads with longevity, versatility, high-end performance, durability, protection of other brake parts, and resistance to the elements, are amazing for use.


Are Hart Brakes Good?

The direct answer to your question is yes. Hart Brakes accessories and kits are super excellent. They spot a lot of features that give them that standout status among many of the models and brands out there.

You can be sure that they won’t corrode or rust. They guarantee safety through their amazing quality stopping power and short stopping or slowing distances.

In addition, their features mostly match their price. In other words, they come with affordability that many products out there don’t. They are also easy to install and include the right tools and kits in their packages.

Almost all Hart Brakes are crossed drills with precision slots. These components ensure ventilation to the rotors. Then there is noiseless and dust-free braking. What more would you want in a brake kit than these?

Interestingly, Hart Brakes prides a few products on the market. As a result, you get can get confused as to which of the products to choose from the array of the ones available.

Despite the number, these brake kits are top grades that will deliver and perform come rain or shine.

Hart Brakes Vs PowerStop?

When it comes to the latest technology, Hart Brakes has an edge over PowerStop. However, it has to be said that both brands produce incredible brake accessories and pads.

PowerStop has some history behind it that it will take Hart years to match. Despite its relative newness, Hart has some competitive features. Overall, they both have competitive and exclusive advantages.

As against Hart, PowerStop uses stainless steel for its brake products. The steel spots carbon-fiber ceramic pads and rubberized shims. The shims help to cancel noise.

In terms of hardware, PowerStop brake kit package comes with lube. You can easily install the pads on your car.

However, both Hart and PowerStop are popular for using crossed-drilled holes and precision slots. These make the pads suitable for both the front and rear tires. Besides, an upgrade is a lot easier with these features.

If you’re in the market for brake parts and accessories for streetcars, PowerStop will be your one-stop place to visit. Hart, on the other hand, manufactures brakes parts for a wide variety of automobiles.

Whether it is SUVs, streetcars, trucks, or racing cars, Hart is OEM-designed. The universal fit makes Hart more amazing than PowerStop.

Where Are Hart Brakes Made?

In simple terms, Hart Brakes is headquartered in China. However, the company exports its production materials to the US for assembling.

However, most of the products are assembled, manufactured, and designed in China. The professional team at Hart works more in China and does assemblage in the US. The team remains in the company’s facility across the world.

Final Verdict

As my final shot, I doubt very much if any other brake product edges Hart Brakes in the market, considering its features.

You won’t regret having this brand’s brake kits and accessories in your garage. They provide the best features you can ever desire in a braking system. The decision is now in your hand to make.

But I am sure this review has offered the best and most detailed information you can use to make such an informed decision in the end. Good luck and safe driving!