What Are The Top-Rated Duralast (Elite, Max & Gold) Brake Pads & Rotors?

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Out top 5 picks for Duralast brake pads and rotors are:

  • Duralast DG870 Front Brake Pads/Shoes
  • Duralast Gold Brake Pads DG1014 – Best For Stopping Power
  • Duralast Max Brake Pads – Best For Heavy-Duty Applications
  • Duralast Elite Brake Pads – Best For Daily Driving And Commuting
  • Duralast Elite Copper-Free Ceramic Brake Pads DE914 – Best For Low Dust level

The braking system is a foremost consideration before you put your car on the road to drive. The system needs the brake pads, in particular, to apply pressure to the rotors. Doing this reinforces the pressure that causes friction your car needs to slow down or come to a stop.

The brake pads sync and work closely in conjunction with the rotors, the calipers, the axles, and the wheels for the overall functioning of the brakes.

But each time you decide to buy any parts of the braking system, you’ll always come down with a problem of choice. With a wide variety of manufacturers in the industry, going for a brand might be a little tricky.

However, with Duralast brake pads on the market, you can rest assured that your car’s braking system is safe and secure.

In this article, I will be explaining everything you need to know about the Duralast brake pads. While the products are built to last long and provide maximum braking power, it is important to go for the pair that best fits your car.

Let’s examine the top 5 in this Duralast brake pads review.

Reviews On 5 Top Best Duralast (Elite, Max & Gold) Brake Pads & Rotors


Duralast DG870 Front Brake Pads/Shoes

Duralast DG870 Front Brake Pads/Shoes

0986424739 EuroLine Disc Brake Pad Set 0986424739 EuroLine Disc Brake Pad Set

BC688 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set BC688 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

BSD1411 SevereDuty 1411 Severe Duty Disc Brake Pad BSD1411 SevereDuty 1411 Severe Duty Disc Brake Pad

BP1108 QuietCast Premium Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad BP1108 QuietCast Premium Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad


1. Duralast DG870 Front Brake Pads/Shoes – Best Overall And For EO Replacement

Making our overall best Duralast brake pads says a lot about the Duralast DG879 Front Brake Pads Designed to reinforce the strength of your car’s braking system, this pair will engineer incredible stopping power while providing quality friction.

If you need safe driving and quiet braking, these pads will ensure you get it effortlessly. While helping to minimize the braking distance, the pads will return a comfy pedal feel to your foot when you step on the brake pedal.

What’s more, the Duralast DG870 Front brake pads will perfectly replace the original pads that come with your vehicle. This original equipment (OE) fit and form comes from the direct pressing molding process (DPMP).

This enables it to provide all the features that you can derive if you’re braking with the OE pads.

The DPMP involves the use of extreme to compress friction material. The materials go through thermal scorching to ensure that the brake pads come out fine and proper. The final product is proper and accurate fitment that is suitable for your car.

These pads will provide stability and a crack-proof, heat-resistant, and well-balanced structure. The strength of the pads rests on a durable, sturdy backing plate.

In the end, the process gives birth to brake pads that offer consistent performance. It doesn’t matter whether you drive in cold or hot weather. The pads will deliver optimally. Braking under extreme conditions isn’t an issue for the DG870 Front Brake pads.

If your car’s braking system is dying or ageing, the DG870 is designed to restore it to its original state. This way, the system can reproduce the stopping power it had in its original state while operating under any conditions.

With their multi-layer dark adhesive shims, featuring elastomer –steel-elastomer (ESE) signature, the pads will help to dampen noise, minimize dust level, and reduce vibration to the minimal level.

Interestingly, you won’t have to break the bank to get this guy in your garage. It’s a pocket-friendly and tiny price in exchange for a quality pair of brake pads. Plus, the result of the quality molding technology is the production of a top-quality fitment for your car.

Conversely, you may have to experience some form of squealing initially. During the first few months of use, the brake pads may bring up some squealing sounds.
  • Crack-proof and thermal-efficient
  • Minimal dust, noise, and vibration levels
  • Multi-layer shims to dampen noise
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for all-weather conditions
  • May squeal at first

The squealing noise quickly varnishes after using the pads for some time. But one thing is sure. The pads come with a strong braking bite and excellent balance. The pads won’t tear or wear out quickly.

2. Duralast Gold brake Pads DG1014 – Best For Stopping Power

Different from your regular brake pads, these brake pads have some unique features. It has two different friction types which are ceramic and semi-metallic. They have a line that makes them a fit for replacing your original pads directly.

They are produced with the same quality as the original pads you will find in your car. Furthermore, these brake pads use OE-style shims, hardware, and slots to be a perfect replacement and emulation of the original braking experience.

The Duralast Gold brake pads are the answer to driving enthusiasts who are concerned about having more braking power. They provide users with exact braking power and experience just as the OE pads.

As a result, cars enjoy lower NVH even than the original pads that come in your car. The most amazing thing about these Gold brake pads is that they are available at the most affordable price, even when they deliver great performance.

Although the users enjoyed the concept of the Duralast Gold line, however, they have certain downsides as well. Users often complain about squeaks during break-ins. Regardless of these complaints, they are friendly to different parts of cars while providing a desired braking power.

It features three-layer factory-like shims that dampen noise and reduce vibration. This is a great feature to enjoy a cool and comfy pedal feel on your foot.

However, some buyers are dissatisfied with the lack of compatibility. The pads appear not to fit into a full-size SUV. This implies that they won’t provide better braking power.
  • Comes in ceramic and semi-metallic forms
  • Reduced NVH
  • Better braking power and experience
  • Resistant to corrosion through their powder-coated treatment
  • Stainless steel hardware for maximum fit into vehicles
  • Unsuitable for heavy braking
  • Squeaking during break-in

The Duralast Gold brake pads are undoubtedly amazing and can handle all your braking needs. However, the downside may vary in cars. Read to understand if it will be a match for your vehicle before buying them.

3. Duralast Max Brake Pads – Best For Heavy-Duty Applications

These are some of the brake pads that allow users to make their choice of brake selections from multiple available ones.

The Max brake lines have several friction materials. Depending on your choice of friction materials, you can easily choose Max brake materials such as semi-metallic, ceramic, and metallic compounds.

You will, however, find these varieties of options with the Duralast Gold line brake pads. Furthermore, the good thing about the Duralast Max brake pads is, if you have a severe-duty vehicle, it is easier to find specially-designed metallic brake pads for your vehicle.

These brake pads are designed from scratch to the best state to produce a better braking application, even more than the OE pads.

Drivers who commute daily will find these sets of brake pads ideal for their cars. Also, they are fit for towing/hauling applications and mid-performance.

If you think of these brake pads as the Gold line’s upgrade, you are still correct because they provide cars with a better brake bite. Moreover, they produce a relative amount of duty while they operate smoothly even in varieties of driving conditions.

It’s no surprise that the Max brake pads will not come as cheap as the Gold line brake pads. They are expensive than the Gold line brake pads.

Although the cost of Max brake pads is cheaper than many original pads, however, their braking power and application varieties make them stand out. Therefore, users who find the Duralast Max brake pads may opt for the Gold line brake pads instead.

When it comes to flexibility, the Duralast Max brake pads have it all with their varieties of available materials for production with varying advantages.

While each material’s advantages seem to be satisfactory, you should be aware that these roads do not come with the lowest cost among other Duralast pads.

Most car owners find the Max brake pads as the ultimate choice for heavy applications. Daily-driving enthusiasts also claimed they will buy over and over again.

A few customers aren’t pleased with the higher cost of the pads. If you’re on a budget, you may have to consider another Duralist brake pad kit.
  • Available in ceramic, metallic, and semi-metallic
  • Comes with a back coating
  • Lower dust production
  • Better than OE
  • Carefully manufactured with the use of a 4-layer shim
  • Highest friction
  • Car models-selective
  • Higher cost

While these pads seem to be expensive, their quality features surpass other Duralast brake pads. However, it is best to adjust one’s budget to enjoy the maximum braking power and experience on a whole new level.

4. Duralast Elite Brake Pads – Best For Daily Driving And Commuting

Every driver craves an enhanced and better driving experience and this is what the Duralast elite brake pads are built for. Thanks to their exclusive copper-free formulation. Some of these enhanced driving experiences include the ability of these pads to produce a very low dust amount.

Furthermore, pad bite consistency helps drivers not to struggle with their need to stop which you will enjoy by opting for these pads. They operate ultra-quietly and are fit for a wide range of driving conditions.

You may be making a wrong choice if you drive daily and choose any other Duralast pads products aside from these pads. They remain the best choice to go for if you crave a pedal feel especially on oar with brands such as sedans.

They are just the ideal option for city driving or returning from your workplace to home. You may, however, not get the desired results if you are buying these brake pads outside what I listed they are best for. Fortunately, they have no rival when it comes to this aspect.

If you own a hauling or vehicle, choosing the Duralast Max brake pads may be a costly mistake as they may not be effective to your taste. Also, they are not advisable for a high-performance vehicle. They are not also friendly to cold or extreme climates.

Different from the above Duralast products I have discussed earlier, the elite brake pads are of a more exclusive niche. They fit into luxurious passengers’ cars. Also, for SUVs in need of top-quality braking applications, they remain the best choice. Although they are a bit expensive as well since they don’t fit multipurpose driving applications.

Summarily, the Duralast elite pads do not provide maximum satisfaction to users just as you will find with most ceramic pads. When it comes to aspects of performance, they exceptionally do well, even more than OE especially applied in the best driving conditions.

Commuting can never be better with other Duralast products are some of the positive reviews from buyers. A boast of commuters said it isn’t difficult to stop when they needed to.

The thing only you have to look out for is the relatively high level of dust the pads give off. Some customers also see the pads as a high-end option.
  • Smooth operation and braking experience
  • Copper-free
  • Top-quality multi-layer shims for quiet operation
  • Maximum anti-rust feature
  • Not available to many models
  • High cost of purchase

The goal of all braking applications is to restore vehicles’ brake systems to a normal operating condition. However, Elite brakes are the best choice to halt commuter vehicles without stress.

5. Duralast Elite Copper-Free Ceramic Brake Pads DE914

Appearing in the last spot on my list of the Duralast is the Copper-free Elite Ceramic brake pads. If low dust level and durability are what you desire in a pair of brake pads, the Duralast Elite DE914 is the go-to guy.

Being the only pair of copper-free Duralist Elite brake pads on my list, this brake pad brings a lot of value to the table. It is made of friction materials that ensure your car wheels get the desired stopping power and distance they need. This will enable them to slow down or stop the car.

Due to the reduced-copper feature, the pads can perform better than the others in terms of producing reduced dust levels. So, when you press down on your brake pedal, you won’t feel any dust. In worst-case scenario, the level of dust will be minimal.

The pads also guarantee safety and are friendly to your budget. Practically wear-resistant, the Duralast Elite copper-free ceramic brake pads won’t wear out quickly. Plus, they protect the rotors from warping, offering durability to the overall braking system.

Copper-free ceramic brake pads are a good conductor of heat. They can soak up the heat your car’s braking system generates when braking. It doesn’t matter whether you hard brake or apply the pedal mildly.

These pads won’t bulge when operating under extreme or hot conditions.

The pads will cool and produce incredible stability and balanced driving. In addition, the pads will stabilize the friction power to ensure reduced fade and consistent braking.

That’s not all. The DE914 brake pads help to reduce noise. This returns a comfy pedal feel to your foot when you press the pedal.

The quiet stops you feel when you brake confers a standout status on these pads. The level of noise reduction is 3 times more than what you get if the regular Duralast Elite Brake Pads are installed on your car wheels.

Pads not formulated with copper are popular for their increased durability and stopping power. They come from an exclusive patented transfer-layer process.

Through the signature hex pattern, the pads transfer energy to the brake rotor to give protection to all parts of the braking system.

However, you may have to buy a new set of retaining clips. The original clips that come with the package are oversized. The clips aren’t costly. You may not bother about so much.
  • Safe, quiet, smooth stopping power • Protective hex pattern
  • Patented transfer-layer tech
  • Copper-free, durable, and last longer
  • Extremely low dust, noise, and vibration level
  • Protect rotors and other braking parts
  • Oversized retaining clips

If you have a durable and long-lasting set of brake pads, you should go for it. More so, if the pads do not produce any dust, buying them should be a no-brainer.


Let’s find out what specific questions people have asked about Duralast and the brake pads in general.

Are Duralast Brake Pads Good?

Yes, they are reliable and good. Duralast produces some of the best pairs of brake pads and auto accessories in the industry. While there are various brake pads on the market, Duralast brake pads lead the pack.

Duralast has been around since 1986. It’s carved a niche and reputation for itself over the years. The prices of Duralast brake pads do not match the quality they bring when installed on a car wheel.

These pads, however, meet all the needs of buyers. They are produced with carefully sourced materials from which makes them more effective. Their stopping capabilities are top-notch and also generate low-level noise. This is why they remain the best choice of aftermarket.

So, it will come to surprise you that even these underpriced brake pads can offer maximum effectiveness. Things may become more real when you understand that the braking system is one of the major factors responsible for safe driving.

Duralast Brake Pads Vs Gold

With their materials sourced from scratch to displace the performance of OE, Max brake pads have an advantage over the Gold. In other words, you can even see the max pads as a quality upgrade of the Duralast Gold since they come with a better brake bite.

They are also applicable to different driving conditions.

Duralast Gold Brake Pads Vs Regular

To quickly sum up why Duralast brake pads are ahead of the regular brake pads you are used to, it is best to put it by saying their “dedication to quality and excellence.”

Many brake pads product you purchase in the market majorly depend on tests from the laboratory with the use of production vehicles. However, AutoZone believes in a more top-quality braking system and this is why its pads are built from experience as a NASCAR sponsor.

These pads deliver better braking power and experience than the regular brake pads you know. The pads deliver top-notch results that match most driving conditions.

Who Makes Duralast Brake Pads?

The exact maker of Duralast brake pads can often be confusing. Many people believe they are a product of the popular manufacturer Bosch. However, Bosch is known to manufacture a few of Duralast premium lines including all the products I mentioned in my review above.

This is mainly based on the requirement and specifications from AutoZone. According to these specifications, they are built to meet and surpass OE quality.

Duralast Gold Vs Elite Brake Pads?

While these two brake pads share high-quality features, their area of application varies. The gold pads are best for OE replacement and provide better braking power.

On the other hand, Elite pads are designed to effectively commute daily and can be applied in other driving conditions.

Final Verdict

Regular maintenance and servicing to avoid breakdown and ensure full effectiveness while driving. Whenever you are about to replace your original brake pads with a product in the market, you may feel doubtful if you will ever get anything like the initial brake pads.

However, you may be wrong until you read my Duralast brake pads review to understand these products are truly built not only to meet OE quality but to surpass them.

However, weighing the pros and cons of each product will help you undead your braking applications need.