Does Walmart Patch Tires?

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Let’s imagine a scenario! You’re a car owner who purchased car tires at the Walmart Auto Care Center. Now, two of the rear tires have punctured and need to be patched. Can you return the tires to Walmart to patch?

As a leading auto service provider in the US, Walmart has loads of auto services it offers its numerous customers. One of these is the sale of auto parts, including tires. Walmart also helps to help you fix tires when they are bad. As to the company’s patching of exploded tires, I will guide you through all you need to know.

Does Walmart Patch Tires?

Without mincing words, the straight answer is yes. Walmart helps car owners and drivers to patch their punctured or flat tires. As a matter of fact, Walmart is a one-stop place where you can find the best auto parts, including tires. You can buy, repair and exchange car tires at Walmart.

At Walmart Auto Care Center, you can fix your car’s flat tires. Walmart doesn’t only sell auto parts. They provide after-sale and other extra auto services for their various customers. So, if you’re a car owner in need of fixing your bad car tires, Walmart is the right choice.

There’s nothing substantially different in the Walmart tire repair service from what you get at dedicated tire shops. But if you don’t want to end in a leak or more punctured points on your tire, Walmart might be the right place to go.

Since Walmart technicians are top-notch professionals sometimes, the chances of missing punctures are rare and almost non-existent.

How Much Does Walmart Charge To Patch Flat Tires?

To repair a bad tire at the Center, you will spend between $15 and $20. The cost depends largely on several things. Your place of residence and service charge of the Walmart Auto Care Center you visit are two important factors to consider. You should ask yourself ‘what is the condition of the punctured tire and how many punctured points does the tire carry?

The cost will cover patching your tire. However, if you buy the tires from Walmart, you may get a discount. At some other centers, you may get the service free. This is a way Walmart seeks to want to have you patronize their tire repair service.

Can Walmart Patch Tires For Free?

Yes, you can find Walmart shops that will offer you free tire repair. You may be wondering if the Walmart tire patch is free. It’s actually not, in most cases. Some centers offer a fee-free tire repair.

It’s important to know how much it will cost you to fix your bad tires at Walmart Auto Care Center. You can decide on time how much to save. The good news is that you won’t have to break the bank to fix your bad car tires at Walmart.

Walmart has a lot of shops all over the place. Some of these shops offer free tire repair services. Some others charge. But it depends on the condition of the tire. Hence, the shops become very choosy as to which tires they can patch for free and the ones they will charge you for.

Rather than patching, you may have to replace the tires if they have gone bad. Everyone will love to have their tires repaired for free. But if your location has no shop offering such a free tire repair service, you won’t have to worry. The price isn’t killing.

How Long Does It Take To Patch Flat Tires At Walmart?

The truth is that Walmart doesn’t guarantee the exact time it’ll take to fix your flat tires. On average, however, it may not take more than an hour. The time depends on a lot of things. Other things that matter include punctured points on the tire, the condition of the tire, and the number of tires to patch.

The time of the day and the number of Walmart technicians on duty also determine how long your Walmart tire repair will take. The truth is that Walmart staff won’t waste your time. They seek the best and fastest service for their customers.

Does Walmart Sell A Tire Repair Kit?

Yes, Walmart sells tire fix kits. Sometimes, you nurse the idea of carrying out the tire repair yourself. But if you’re lacking in needed tools, you may get stuck. If you visit any Walmart shop around you, you will be able to buy the necessary kits you need to repair your flat tire yourself.

Buying a tire plug kit from Walmart saves you a lot of money and time. Other benefits come with it. Unlike buying online, Walmart offers you the opportunity for a wide range of choices to pick from. If you need screws, nails, Wheel wedges, car jack, lug wrench, and other tire repair kits, Walmart will sell them.

In addition, you won’t have to wait endlessly before the tools arrive. But it’s worth mentioning that the kits you’ll get in Walmart vary from shop to shop. The location of the shop also matters.

Is DIY Tire Repair Good?

Yes, you can fix your flat tire yourself. If you don’t have a Walmart shop close to your area, you can opt for a DIY tire repair. I’ll personally prefer to go a DIY tire fix than taking it to a distant Walmart shop.

But you should be ready to spare hours than you would if you engage the services of Walmart technicians. At least, you can save yourself some money that will have gone to hire Walmart tire repair service.

Is Walmart The Only Option For Tire Patches?

No, there are other options you can explore to patch your flat car tires. Everywhere you look- depending on your location- you’ll find dedicated shops. You can simply drive off to a dedicated tire repair shop and have your tire fixed.

These shops are faster and smarter in service delivery. But you should first find a Walmart center around you before you explore other options.

Which Is Better: Tire Patch Or Plug?

Generally, a tire patch is considered to be better than a tire plug. The reason is simple. But the decision on whether to patch or plug depends on a few things. You have to look at the circumstances of the puncture and the condition of your tire.

Usually, when you decide to plug, it means your tire must have run over a nail or any sharp object. This object can puncture the tire or make it explode.

In this case, the air pressure in the tire will start to leak away. Once you remove the nail, you can insert the plug to block the leak. However, a patch involves applying a spray bottle and tire patch to the affected place.

Can I Drive With A Nail In My Tire?

No, you shouldn’t drive if a nail is in your tire. It doesn’t mean you can drive at all but we have to consider whether the tire is tubeless or non-tubeless. Don’t forget that air pressure present in your car tires has a bearing on the balance, handling, and stability of your vehicle.

Typically, tubeless tires generally form an air-tight seal that comes from a rim bed. This type of tire is compactly sealed under air pressure. They form a casing that is air-pressured via the valve placed by the wheel.

On the other hand, tubed tires come with an inner tube that is held tightly between the tire and the rim. A tubed tire consists of the tube, rim, and tire. The inner tube is typically used with a spoked tire.

It is not advisable to drive your car when you suspect a nail in tubed or tubeless tires. However, while you can drive safely a short distance if you have tubeless tires installed on your car; you cannot move your car an inch if you’re using tubed tires.

Have a professional tire repairer look at it. Do not touch the nail if you notice it’s in your tires. This is because the nail might be big and the hole deep enough to block air pressure from coming. This way you can conserve some air to drive a few distances further before your get to a technician.

Final Words

With this article, I hope your question on whether Walmart patch tires’ has been laid to rest. I also hope you have answers to all your questions about Walmart and tire repair. Walmart is a great place to buy auto parts from and repair them.

However, the array of services it provides can be a little tricky if you don’t get yourself familiar with them. You’ll need to be on the lookout for the Walmart shop in your area. Besides, you also have to understand what services are available in those locations.

If you want to install new tires, you should be looking at something in the region of $15. This means to install the four tires, you will have to spare $60.