Causes Of Car Cigar Socket Failure & How To Repair Or Replace

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Cigar sockets are always installed in cars.

I am sure that many of you make use of the cigarette lighter socket while driving. What should you do if your cigarette lighter socket malfunctions?

This section introduces symptoms of cigarette lighter socket failure, causes of failure, and repair or replacement methods.

The Role Of Cigar Sockets And Usage Scenarios

The cigar socket is a remnant that originally functioned as a cigar lighter.
It is there to light cigarettes.

However, since the smoking rate has been on the decline recently, the number of people who use cigar sockets for smoking may be decreasing.

Nowadays, unused cigarette sockets are being used as many people are now using unused cigarette sockets as chargers for their smartphones.

Causes Of Cigar Socket Failure

If a cigarette lighter socket malfunctions, it will not charge and will not light.

Possible causes include the fuse may have blown, the connector may be disconnected, or the socket may be defective.

If only the cigarette lighter works, the socket may be broken. If it won’t charge or fire, then there is a good chance that there is no electricity coming to the car. The fuse may have blown.

Either way, it is necessary to track down and confirm the cause of either symptom.

How To Repair A Failed Cigar Socket

Replace The Fuse

If a fuse has blown, turn off the engine and check the fuse box. The location of the fuse box varies from car to car. If you are not sure, check your car’s owner’s manual.

If you find a blown fuse there, turn off the engine and check the fuse box. Check the fuse used in the cigar socket and replace it. Fuses are sold at car accessory stores for about 100 yen, so it is OK to buy one and replace it.

For instructions on how to replace the fuse, see the following simply pull the fuse out of the fuse box and insert a new fuse.
Insert the new fuse.

Repairing The Socket

If the problem is caused by the socket, the socket itself must be replaced. In this case, you will have to replace the assembly. When replacing it yourself, work carefully to avoid shorting out the wiring. When a cigar socket is broken and can no longer be used, the first thing to do is to figure out the cause.


If it is the cigarette lighter socket failure described in this issue, the repair work itself is easy even for those who are not familiar with cars. When replacing the main unit, you will need tools such as nippers to handle the connector.

However, if the circuit itself is shorted, it could lead to a fire. If you are not confident, we recommend that you consult a dealer or a specialized store.