Reviews On 4 Top-Rated Callahan Brake Parts

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Car owners all over the world know, or at least are aware, that safety is the first rule in driving. Besides an excellent engine and good seat belt, the braking system is one of the main car components that guarantee safety. Once it is in bad condition, the brakes can cause panic, an accident, or even death.

Getting top-quality brake parts can be challenging, given the manner the market is vastly saturated with a wide range of brake parts, products and brands. Yet, a few brakes and brake parts manufacturers stand out from the crowd. Callahan is one of them.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through the details of the best Callahan brake parts review. Stay connected to the highlights of the top four.

4 Top Best Callahan Brake Pads & Rotors Comparisons

CRK14002 Rotors, Brake Pads, & Clips CRK14002 Rotors, Brake Pads, & Clips

CDS02156 Brake Pads & Rotors CDS02156 Brake Pads & Rotors

CCK11013 Brake Pads & Rotors CCK11013 Brake Pads & Rotors

513084X2 Wheel Hub Bearing Assemblies 513084X2 Wheel Hub Bearing Assemblies


1. CRK14002 Rotors, Brake Pads, & Clips

Are you in search of a brake kit that’s a combo of the top best parts? Then CRK14002 gets you covered. Topping my list of best Callahan brake parts is this kit that comprises brake pads, rotors, and brake clips.

With these parts, you can reinforce the braking ability and power of your car. Thanks to their strong and durable front (325mm) and rear (331mm) discs, the kit helps you to replace any damaged parts of your vehicle braking system.

The brake pads are incredibly designed. They boast minimal dust buildup, meaning you can drive during rainy and arid periods of the season. The CRK14002 pads also don’t make any noise as they are incredibly designed with ceramic materials.

They boast very little bite; a lot of times, you won’t even feel any bite. The unique formulation offers reduced dust levels and noise fade.

The clips are amazing as they firmly hold the various parts in place. If you don’t over-tighten or give them a loose tightening, you can be sure you’ll cover hundreds of thousands of miles before you’ll need to replace them. They are absolutely corrosion and rust-resistant.

With integrated top-quality stainless steel hardware included in the package, you don’t have to worry about coupling, installing or removing any parts when the need arises.

Interestingly, you don’t need any cleaning before you set the parts up. The pads’ improved heat dissipation is a plus to those who love towing or carrying heavy-duty luggage.

Besides, installing the parts is pretty simple and convenient. It doesn’t require any special skills or tools. If you ask me, these aftermarket parts match and are better than many of the OEM parts you see out there.

However, the downside of Callahan’s CRK14002 kit is the rotors. They obviously look a little below standard. While you may hop on the calipers and pads, the CRK14002 rotors aren’t customers’ favorite, trust me.
  • Confident stopping power and ability
  • Durable with a one-year warranty
  • Low level of noise and dust buildup
  • Seamless installation with no cleaning required
  • Poorly made rotors
  • Average kit

Guess what? Callahan assures you of high-performance delivery of these parts with its 12-month warranty. The parts are a perfect fit for all models of Saturn Outlook, Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, and Chevy Traverse.

2. Callahan CDS02156

Naturally, I prefer ceramic-made brake parts. Callahan offered me the brilliant chance to hop on CDS02516 brake pads when I needed something for my recently auctioned SUV.

There are quite a lot of reasons why CDS02516 brake pads will come to your mind the first time you’ll stumble on them on the market. These are some of the most sought-after aftermarket brake parts currently available on the market.

Apart from the fact that shoppers are in high demand for these pads right now, their design speaks volumes. Thanks to Callahan’s proprietary formulation, the pads are made primarily of the popular ceramic material, making them highly durable, resistant to corrosion and rust, tactile, and providing amazing friction.

The friction these pads provide is better or equal to what you get from OE brake pads out there.

Of course, ceramic brake pads usually last longer than their semi-metallic counterparts. Besides, they reduce the noise and dust buildup level compared to the metallic pads. So, choosing this kit is a no-brainer for any car owner or driver who takes safety as a priority.

Again, the pads are very lightweight, making them compatible with lightweight vehicles, particularly sports utility vehicles (SUVs). Don’t forget, the lighter the brake pads, the better for harder grip, quicker turn, and shorter braking distance. All of this is packed in this incredible kit.

What’s more, the pads come in a wide variety of sizes, making them suitable for medium and large-sized SUVs and trucks. With this freedom to choose your preference, you won’t be stuck when you need a large size for your vehicle.

Won’t you also love a brake parts kit that also features additional hardware? I think you will and should. Once completed, the hardware will help you have a great replacement fit for your vehicle and can always change when the in-the-box pads fade.

Included in the kit are five slotted and drilled rotors plus eight brake pads. Mind you, the extra hardware is no less solid than the original product.

With a cutout design, the Callahan brake pads allow free airflow through them. This will in no small means reduce unnecessary tension or malfunction that results from overheating. The durable front brake disc (336mm) and rear brake disc (352 mm) come in handy to provide support against extreme heat and friction.

However, you may have to deal with corrosion issues as the brake discs are not solidly designed to hold out against rain and extreme moist conditions. Again, I’m afraid these pads are not suitable for non-SUV vehicles.
  • Vented brakes to cool
  • Includes vantage extra parts
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Reduced noise bites and dust buildup
  • Long-lasting brake rotors
  • Not corrosion resistant
  • Limited application

The last point to make is that Callahan CDS02156 is a kit intended for smoother and cooler running when you need heavy use. Long travellers will enjoy this amazing combo and rest assured it won’t fail them even during their long journey. So, who’s asking you not to cruise around with Callahan CDS02156 brake pads without any hassle or tension?

3. Callahan CCK11013

Making the third spot on my list of the best Callahan brake parts is this incredibly designed combo. For those whose cars are due for upgrades, you cannot help but have the CCK11013 in your garage.

Equipped with incredibly optimized brake calipers, the CCK11013 undergo a thorough inspection and they guarantee safety and best-quality delivery in and out of clement braking conditions. These calipers are some of the best the market offers right now. They are not only tough but also long-lasting, thanks to their ductile aluminum material. Unlike the traditional iron design, the aluminum brake calipers are lightweight and can save you up to 40 per cent pounds.

The kit also comes with anti-leak properties thanks to a pressure test that the Callahan brand has been insistent on since its foundation.

What this implies is that you are sure of confidence braking in any condition. Whether you drive downhill, through potholes or on the rugged surface, the CCK11013 brake pads will withstand any advancing obstacles without making any noise.

You won’t need any cleaning to set up the parts because the package is properly sealed. Besides, it comes with premium tools that make installation easy and seamless out of the box.

What’s more, the CCK11013 kit is equipped with drilled and slotted rotors that help prevent overheating. They also generate great friction and control the way the wheels spin, rotate and move, thereby regulating the speed of your vehicle.

When you consider the quality of the brake calipers and the rotors, you can second-guess the amazing features of CCK11013’s brake pads. The pads are lightweight and produce less noise and minimal dust buildup when in use. Typically, the pads come in pairs, meaning they can fit perfectly into your front-wheel and mainstream vehicles, which these pads are primarily designed for.

The Callahan CCK11013 kit is a box of mixed items, including two rotors, two discs (262mm each for front and rear), pads, and calipers.

However, as you may have noticed with some of its Callahan counterparts, CCK11013 also carries on with the tradition of corrosion issues. You may have to deal with that. In addition, there’s a chance you’ll need a special skill or tool to fit the clips. They don’t fit properly.
  • Heat-absorbing calipers and pads
  • Low dust buildup and vibration
  • Comes with durable and lasting ceramic pads
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Solid design and construction
  • Noise-reducing rotors and discs
  • The brake pads may corrode
  • Clips need adjustment

Although specifically designed for all models of hatchbacks and Sedans, this kit includes a lot of brake parts that can also work well on any other model. But you’ve got to follow the manufacturer’s specifications.

4. Callahan 513084X2

Incidentally, this is the odd one out. Callahan 513084X2 brake part kit is only on this list that contains a single part. By that, if you’re in search of a fully-loaded kit with amply parts, I’m afraid 513084X2 isn’t the right call.

But what does this kit come with? The wheel hub bearing only. Don’t forget if your car’s wheel hub bearing gets bad, the braking system may be the greatest victim. The steering wheel will experience some looseness.

You may also notice that the vehicle will start to pull to one side each time you press down on the brake pedal. The tires will wear down unevenly and ultimately, wheel vibration and wobbling will surface.

You shouldn’t let any of this happen and one of the quickest and best things to do is to get my 513084X2. This kit is a superior grade wheel hub bearing designed for all models of Wranglers. The kit is also a suitable fit for Comanche and Cherokee.

The wheel hub bearing is made from premium grade steel to provide durability and long-lasting effectiveness on your car wheel. Its long lifespan ensures that the accessory doesn’t wear down faster. This precision-machined brake part is an exact fit for your vehicle wheel and requires no modification or adjustment before use.

It’s pretty effective in transmitting power and will not slip. Thanks to the high-temperature grease with which the hub bearing is sealed. It will also deliver better performance, providing quality fit to your vehicle wheels.

Where applicable to the brake, this amazing component delivers reinforced stopping power to give off very quiet braking with low noise and dust levels.

However, one thing customers aren’t happy with about this part is that it is intended for a limited number of vehicle models.
  • Precision fit for quality performance
  • Transmits power without slipping
  • Competitive price
  • Sealed with high-performance grease
  • Constructed with durable stainless steel
  • Designed for limited vehicles
  • Single-part kit

What’s the icing on the cake? The kit is fully assembled and equipped with all the installation tools and accessories available for use. You won’t have to clean the part.


Are Callahan Brake Parts Good And Reliable?

Yes, they are. In fact, if you ask me, I’ll recommend Callahan’s brake parts a million times. Why? Callahan’s brake rotors, pads, and calipers boast a wide range of features that give them a standout status. They manufacture incredibly tough calipers that squeeze with the brake pads to glide against rotors and ultimately sync the process.

This way, the car wheels can seamlessly spin and effortlessly slow down or stop when needed. Callahan’s calipers are made from tough material to provide noiseless braking. Additionally, they also prevent or reduce the level of dust buildup on your brakes.

Besides the incredible calipers, Callahan also provides highly durable aftermarket brake rotors to create friction between your wheels and the surface. This way the speed, movement, and rotation of the wheels reduce to help you have control over the car.

In terms of performance, Callahan’s brake pads are the best on the market. The brand’s pads offer the best stopping interval the industry boasts of today.

But you won’t have it all fun. Take note of the downsides of these parts and they’re something to be wary of but to get unnecessarily anxious about.

What Should I Consider Before Choosing Callahan Brake Parts?

There are a few things you should take into account before opting for the Callahan brake parts. Safety should be a priority and every other thing can follow.

Material Of Construction

When choosing brake pads, auto shoppers should consider pads made of ceramic over semi-metallic. This is because ceramic brake pads boast strength and are resistant to extreme heat and braking conditions.

Brake rotors and calipers made of premium grade aluminum, stainless steel, or iron will be a perfect choice. The materials are durable and reliable and guarantee both safety and longevity.

Low Noise Level

Some brake parts make a lot of noise when you press down on the brake pedal. You should be on the lookout for the brake pads with the minimum level of noise.

Dust-Free Features

Compared to ceramic pads, semi-metallic materials produce lower levels of noise and are relatively more environmentally friendly. Dust-free features should be a top factor to consider when choosing Callahan brake parts.

Performance And Durability

Choosing brake parts that perform excellently and deliver on their designated features is a no-brainer. High-performance brake pads will provide instant stopping power; excellent rotors will help in creating friction.

No doubt, a lot of things go into predicting the exact number of years brake pads, calipers, or rotors will be used. Yet, the best Callahan brake parts will deliver their best against long mileage and even under extreme conditions.

Final Verdict

The car braking system contains a lot of parts and each works differently based on the role they’re designed to perform. The four brake parts I have highlighted here are no less or more important than the others.

What’s important is to identify the needs of your vehicle and then go the whole hog to buy what replacement they need.

My best Callahan Brake parts review won’t be complete without my usual routine reminder. Even when you have all these parts in place and your car’s braking system is in top shape, there’s the need to play by the rule.

Since driving is much more than merely owning a car or having it in great condition, safety is crucial. To guarantee this and that of other road users, you must take to the road use regulations.

For an effective result of the new brake parts you just installed, make sure you use the headlights when driving in inclement weather conditions.

They’re also to be on after sunset. If you do this, you’ll reduce the chances of being involved in an accident or blaming any traffic misfortune on Callahan, your number one brake parts manufacturer. It doesn’t sound simpler than this.