What Are The Top-Rated Tires For Toyota Corolla?

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The Toyota Corolla is a very popular car and Toyota is a very formidable car manufacturing brand.

The Corolla is without a doubt the best-selling automobile of all time. They won the best-selling car in 2018 and they haven’t stopped since then -they are still going strong.

There are various reasons why Corolla is so popular with consumers, but the low cost of ownership, versatility, and dependability are undoubtedly the most prominent reason.

However, because Toyota is not a tire manufacturer, you’ll need a solid set of tires when the OEM tires wear off in a few years.

The tires you should choose are the ones that complement Corolla’s exquisite features.

Naturally, the tires you select should be dependable and have a reasonable cost of ownership, but there are other factors to consider as well. I will get to those factors in a short while.

However, an important fact you should know is that touring tires are the best option for your Toyota Corolla.

This is because touring tires, as well as their higher-quality alternative, grand-touring tires, are designed to provide a balanced driving experience that is ideal for the Corolla.

These tires are also seen on newer Corolla models, indicating that Toyota believes they are the best for the majority of individuals.

I recommend touring and grand-touring tires because of their high durability.

Some premium models come with an impressive 90k mile treadwear warranty, which is unmatched by any other tire type.

It’s not only the warranty that makes a difference; touring tires excel at obtaining those numbers.

Touring tires are not the only things you should look out for when it comes to getting tires for your Corolla. Let’s check out some more factors that should influence your decision when it comes to buying tires.

Reviews On 7 Best Tires For Your Toyota Corolla


Cooper CS5 Grand Touring All-Season Tires

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring All-Season Tires


Yokohama AVID Touring-S All-Season Tire

Yokohama AVID Touring-S All-Season Tire

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus All-Season Grand Touring Tire Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus All-Season Grand Touring Tire

Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial Tire Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial Tire

Falken Sincera SN250 A/S All-Season Radial Tire Falken Sincera SN250 A/S All-Season Radial Tire

Sumitomo's T-rated Standard Touring All-Season Sumitomo’s T-rated Standard Touring All-Season

Kumho ECSTA LX Platinum Touring All-Season Tire Kumho ECSTA LX Platinum Touring All-Season Tire


1. Cooper CS5 Grand Touring All-Season Tires

Cooper’s CS5 Grand Touring is the newest addition to the company’s passenger tire lineup. Don’t be fooled by the name.

This is a regular touring tire, not a grand-touring one like the name implies.

The CS5 Ultra Touring is the true grand-touring tire.

Nonetheless, for the majority of Corolla drivers, the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring delivers an appealing package of features and a cheap price point that appear to entice customers.

This tire comes with an impressive 80,000-mile treadwear warranty. This suggests a long-lasting tread life.

It is definitely amongst one of the highest of any touring tire now on the market.

Cooper tires are recognized for their durability, so the Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tire doesn’t miss out on this shared durability.

A new technology called “Wear Square Indicators” has been included on the CS5 to show the driver how much tread life is left on the tire.

The level of comfort is also extremely excellent here. The ride is plush and comfortable, and there isn’t much noise on the highway.

The CS5 Grand Touring is adequate for the ordinary Corolla driver on the road. However, it isn’t the most responsive tire on the market. This tire provides excellent grip, traction, and stopping power.

This tire, like other all-season tires, has four large circumferential grooves and 3D Micro-Gauge siping, making it a top choice in wet situations.

If your winters are particularly tough, consider replacing these with winter tires.

Light snow traction is a little above average. Also, this tire is not built for aggressive driving because it is not as responsive.
  • Noiseless and comfortable riding experience
  • Long tread life
  • Impressive 80,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Sufficient dry and wet traction
  • Adequately priced
  • Tire responsiveness can be worked on
  • Snow traction is not top-notch

This is a very good tire for the Toyota Corolla. If you are not driving in snow and don’t have an aggressive driving style then this is the tire for you. It is not expensive and it lasts for a long time. It is the total package.

2. Yokohama AVID Touring-S All-Season Tire

The Yokohama AVID Touring-S is another budget-friendly touring tire that delivers exceptional value.

This tire provides exceptional responsiveness and precise steering feel thanks to the Yokohama Tri-plex Tread Compound.

The Yokohama AVID Touring-S All-Season Tire is one of the low-profile pneumatic tires with an amazing triple tread compound.

This guarantees extreme accuracy and superb responsiveness. You can rest assured this kit will deliver on the features it boasts.

When you start your drag racing runs, this tire will give you the best performance expected of a Toyota Corolla tire.

The level of comfort that this tire provides is excellent. The ride quality is excellent, and noise levels are extremely low.

The Silent Shoulder tread block sizes and Twin Rail Stability Rib from Yokohama appear to be effective in reducing highway noise.

Grip and traction are also excellent, ranking among the best in the class. The AVID Touring-S also boasts exceptional high-speed stability and stops well.

The Yokohama’s Tapered Rain channels also help with wet traction, making it one of the best all-rounders in the category. It is indeed a true all-season tire.

What’s more, the Yokohama AVID Touring-S will perform well throughout the year. Whether you use it in winter or summer, the performance of the tire is the same and optimal.

The low profile offers exceptional traction on snowy, icy, or heavy roads. The wet and dry road conditions aren’t an obstacle to the maximum performance of the tire.

Light snow traction is a little above average. Also, this tire is not built for aggressive driving because it is not as responsive.

A downside of the AVID Touring-S is that it isn’t the greatest snow tire in the market. Also, the 65,000-mile treadwear warranty is quite disappointing seeing as this is a touring tire.

  • Highly responsive tires
  • Excellent dry traction
  • Extremely noiseless even on the highway
  • Supreme wet grip
  • Affordable price
  • The warranty is not impressive
  • There are better snow tires in the market

Once again, if you are not going to be driving aggressively or in the snow then you are good to go on this tire. It can be an excellent companion to your Corolla.

Even though the tread-life warranty is low, I still believe that this tire is highly durable and would therefore last longer.

3. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus All-Season Grand Touring Tire

The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus is one of the most impressive grand touring tires in the market.

This tire is designed to provide you with the best possible road contact while simultaneously boosting your gas mileage.

Bridgestone achieved this by adopting a different tread compound on the Ecopia EP422 Plus, which continues to be the champion in fuel efficiency.

The Ecopia EP422 Plus offers excellent grip and traction regardless of temperature. It also attains a reduced rolling resistance, thanks to the NanoPro-Tech compound.

This is one of the greatest wet tires on the market right now in terms of traction and braking in wet conditions. It works in light snow as well, but it isn’t the best solution for winter driving.

The Ecopia EP422 Plus is a very silent tire and it is one of the most comfortable grand-touring tires available.

Bridgestone provides a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty. This is not the best in the industry but it is sufficient.

The Ecopia EP422 is a wonderful all-season touring tire with a quiet ride, superior comfort, and exceptional fuel efficiency.

The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 is an excellent All-Season tire for saving money at the pump, but it has some dry and wet traction issues.

Depending on the tire size and provider, prices range from $81 to $170.

Light snow traction is a little above average. Also, this tire is not built for aggressive driving because it is not as responsive.

As great as this tire is the Ecopia EP422 does, however, have a flaw. It doesn’t perform as well on wet or snowy surfaces as an all-season tire should.

  • Noiseless, comfortable riding experience
  • Superior response and short braking distances
  • Outstanding wet and dry traction
  • High treadwear warranty
  • Eco-friendly tire
  • Affordable prices
  • Snow driving experience is average

This tire is one of the best options in the market. I recommended this tire because of its eco-friendly attribute.

Its low fuel consumption rates not only protect the environment but also help you save fuel money. Looking at all these qualities, I will agree that this tire is a superb choice.

4. Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial Tire

The Assurance All-Season is a basic passenger all-season tire that fits older Toyota Corolla models well.

This tire isn’t expensive, hence, a customer might automatically think it won’t do so well but it still delivers excellent overall performance.

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season tackles daily activities admirably on the road.

It is an all-season tire built primarily for comfort because the steering is highly responsive and noiseless.

Furthermore, on dry roads, the traction is among the finest in the class. The cornering grip is mildly sufficient for safe motorway driving. However, the highway stability of this tire is outstanding.

On wet roads, the Assurance All-Season could be a little better. It’s not horrible as you will still get plenty of traction and grip but some other tires do a better job.

Still, even at greater speeds, this Goodyear tire has excellent hydroplaning resistance.

The snow grip is quite impressive, especially for an all-season tire. The Goodyear Assurance All-Season offers a super-smooth riding quality, which Toyota Corolla owners will appreciate.

Furthermore, at highway speeds, the tire is quite quiet. It comes with a treadwear warranty of 65,000 miles.

This isn’t as spectacular as some premium competitors, but you can’t expect that from a tire within this price range.

Light snow traction is a little above average. Also, this tire is not built for aggressive driving because it is not as responsive.

A downside of this tire is the tread life. Some drivers have complained about the average tread life of this tire. Also, it can get disappointing on ice -the ice traction is terrible.

  • Top dry traction and braking
  • Noiseless and comfortable riding experience
  • Can withstand minor road imperfections to give you a smooth ride
  • Good snow traction and grip
  • Average tread life

Apart from that, the Goodyear Assurance All-Season tire appears to be a promising product.

It has a reasonable price it is extremely economical, which is ideal if you are on a tight budget. I would put this tire in the all-season category’s middle level.

There are certainly better tires in this category, but there are also tires of lower quality, so this is a nice product for the money.

5. Falken Sincera SN250 A/S All-Season Radial Tire

The Sincera SN250 A/S is Falken’s newest acquisition, and it’s currently one of the best tires from this brand.

It’s even the manufacturer’s decision for the European 2019 Toyota Corolla, which is nearly identical to the American model.

In my opinion, if Toyota thinks this tire is good for the new, upgraded Corolla, it must be a good choice for all previous generations as well.

The Sincera SN250, which is equipped with Dynamic Range technology, performs admirably in both warm and cold temperatures.

The responsiveness is excellent, the braking is powerful, and the grip and traction are both sufficient.

Highway stability is outstanding, and wet traction outperforms even some premium competition. Surprisingly, some reviews claim that this Falken tire performs better in light snow than the majority of all-season tires.

Being street-legal is another amazing feature of this tire. You won’t have any issue racing on the tire because it is DOT-approved and great for off-road use.

Added to this is the capacity of the tire to offer exceptional traction in every season.

If you choose to race during wet or dry conditions, the tire won’t fail. Its low-profile triple tread compound delivers excellent traction.

The quality of the ride is also among the best in the class. Even though it isn’t loud, it could be a little quieter.

On the plus side, the Sincera SN250 A/S has a fantastic 80,000-mile treadwear warranty for T-Speed versions and a 75,000-mile treadwear warranty for H & V variants.

Light snow traction is a little above average. Also, this tire is not built for aggressive driving because it is not as responsive.

There is not a downside to this tire. It is truly remarkable. The slight noise from the tire isn’t a problem for most drivers.

  • It is highly responsive in all weather
  • Excellent dry and wet grip and control
  • Superb braking and short braking distances
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Impressive warranty for tread life
  • Affordable prices
  • There is a need to reduce noise from the tire

This is an impressive tire, one that was recommended by the manufacturer. It must have been used as OEM tires for newer Toyota Corolla models.

So, you can take this as sound advice from the manufacturers and purchase this tire.

6. Sumitomo’s T-rated Standard Touring All-Season

The Sumitomo’s T-rated Standard Touring All-Season tire promises 65,000 or 5 years to tread life warranty, whichever one comes first.

This tire has become drivers’ favorite due to its versatility. It is designed for a wide variety of vehicles, including sedans, crossover, coupes, and minivans.

You can be sure that this is the right tire designed for your Toyota Corolla.

What’s more exciting about this tire is that is it’s designed to withstand the shenanigans of the snow, wintry, icy conditions.

Wet and dry surfaces won’t be an obstacle. It can also blend good comfort with long wear. Whether you ride during winter or summer, this all-season tire will provide the needed traction, and yet it won’t budge.

What’s more, Sumitomo’s T-rated Standard Touring All-Season tire is made from fine grain carbon tread.

This compound is further molded into an asymmetric tread pattern that makes all-season driving and long tread warranty seamless.

The tire’s innovative shoulder blocks help you to predictably drift in tight bends and safely turn in dangerous situations.

You won’t have to fear that your car won’t stop when hitting your foot on the brake pedal. The tire boasts great traction.

And continuously maintain quality contact with the road to provide a quieter ride throughout the trip.

The sipes located in the independent shoulder of the tire plus the intermediate block help to reinforce the number of biting edges that the tire has.

This way, the operation of your tire and car will be enhanced across all weather conditions.

The tire also comes with four grooves at the sidewall and circumference of the tire. This will help to drain water and prevent it from getting to the wheel.

While doing this, the grooves won’t hydroplane. The tire also comes in different sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of cars.

With a loading capacity of 1356 Pounds and tread depth of 11.4 32nds, this tire will give support to your car when it carries a heavy load to maintain stability and balance. The tread depth ensures the tire won’t wear quickly.

Light snow traction is a little above average. Also, this tire is not built for aggressive driving because it is not as responsive.

But how many times have you heard Sumitoto in the auto part industry? It’s not a leading tire manufacturer. So, getting the OEM may be a little tricky.

  • Great traction and road grip
  • All-season and all-weather performance
  • Easy and comfortable drifting and turning
  • Loading capacity: 1356 Pounds
  • Quality tread pattern
  • May not be readily available
  • Relatively pricey for the quality

Overall, the fact that the brand is not common doesn’t render the product worthless.

I make bold to say that Sumitomo’s T-rated tire is one of the perfect tires that will deliver incredible performance for your Toyota Corolla.

Don’t back out because of the price; go in for the value the tire brings.

7. Kumho ECSTA LX-Platinum Touring All-Season Tire

A Toyota Corolla sedan needs a V-rated all-season tire to operate in its full capacity. Kumho offers the chance to make this dream come true.

Although it occupies the last slot on my list, this product is not the least. There are a lot of perks it spots.

When it comes to versatility, this is the car for you. It is designed to satisfy the racing needs of all lovers of sporty sedans, crossovers, coupes, and SUVs.

If you’re a lover of luxury performance sedans, this guy is for you because it will make your driving experience smooth and worth it.

The first feature of this guy is its high level of responsiveness and how it makes car handling a walk in the park. Blending responsive handling, this tire boasts long wear and will provide a quiet ride all year round.

The tire’s traction and grip on the road are also quite impressive. And it doesn’t matter whether you ride in the summer or winter, this tire will deliver and perform optimally.

Driving in light snow isn’t a problem, either because this tire is designed to hold out against all the threat that comes with snow and ice.

Guess what? This tire will never let water get to the car wheel system. It is designed with four circumferential grooves that provide support for the entire wheel system.

While doing this great work, this tire won’t aquaplane.

What’s more, the tire comes with an advanced all-season asymmetrical tread design. The quality tread compound plus the three sipes on the tire helps to enhance the all-weather traction of the radial tire. That’s not all.

The Kumho tire also features an outboard shoulder that reinforces the lateral grip of the radial tire on the road.

There are also three different sipes of intermediate tread block. These help to terminate and relieve the amount of stress that the tire carries.

The tread block also helps the openings of the sipes to blend easily produce incredible snow traction.

Again, the interior of this tire is amazingly designed with twin steel belts. The belts have some spirally enfolded nylon string reinforcements.

The cord is made of polyester casino and it’s intended to provide durability for the tire.

It doesn’t matter whether you run at high or low speed, the tire will guarantee stability quality ride, and balance on the road.

Light snow traction is a little above average. Also, this tire is not built for aggressive driving because it is not as responsive.

However, the tire’s loading capacity of 1433 Pounds is quite low relative to what I have on my list here. Maybe, that’s something you want to worry about.

  • Internal and external reinforcements
  • Tread pattern for traction
  • Ideal for snow and ice ride
  • Too high for its worth
  • Low loading capacity

Kuhmo may not be the popular tire manufacturer, but this tire has a lot to make your ride memorable and worth it. Hop on the tire.

Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Tire For Your Toyota Corolla

The important factors that you should consider when choosing a tire include:


Yes. The environment has a significant impact on the efficiency of my tires. To get the most out of your car, tire, and driving experience, I recommend selecting a tire that is appropriate for your environment.

Car owners who reside in harsh weather zones need tires that can resist extreme temperatures.

When driving through snow and slick roads, winter tires are designed to provide more traction.

As a result, automobile owners should think about getting weather-appropriate wheels to improve their vehicle’s stability, grip, and performance.

If you live in or will be driving a lot in a hot season or climate, you can choose summer tires or an “all-season” tire.

You can also invest in snow tires or “all-season” tires if you plan on driving in a cold climate or snow.

Driving Style

Whether you like it or not, your driving style should have an impact on the tires you choose. Because no two tires are the same, they cannot accommodate all driving styles.

Tires with a long tread life should be considered by drivers with aggressive driving behaviors.

Because of their driving patterns, these drivers are more likely to wear out their tires. So, to save money, they should start looking for suitable tires right away.

Tires having a shorter tread life will wear out more quickly and will need to be replaced more frequently.


This is a self-explanatory point. Whatever your budget, you can always find a good tire that will meet your needs and provide you with a piece of mind.

In my reviews, I always make sure to include high-quality, reasonably priced tires.

Vehicle Compatibility

As I previously stated, not all tires are created equal. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all tire. You must ensure that the tire you are purchasing is the correct size, weight, and speed for your vehicle.

Make sure you buy tires that are compatible with your vehicle. Professional assistance is available if you are unsure how to obtain precise measurements.

Tire Codes

When you’re purchasing car tires, you must lookout for the tire codes. Tire codes can provide a lot of useful information about a tire, such as its size and manufacturing date.

The production date is shown by the last four numerals of a tire. The first two of the four numbers represent the production week, with 52 weeks in a year.

The last two, on the other hand, are about the year. So 3501 indicates that it was made in the 35th week of 2001.

After 6 years, most tires begin to degrade or expire. As a result, don’t buy a tire that is close to or over six years old.

They aren’t going to last long. There you have it: the most important things to consider when purchasing tires. Let’s get to the main content of the story now.

Final Verdict

That concludes my list of the best tires for your Toyota Corolla.

Budget, environmental concerns, driving style, and, most importantly, quality are all considered in this tire selection.

You don’t want to put your life and the lives of your passengers in jeopardy by purchasing a low-cost, low-quality tire.

Also, when purchasing tires, make sure you acquire the exact measurement for your vehicle.

This is because the specifications of your Toyota Corolla may differ based on the model. If you are unsure about the tire requirements, seek professional assistance to avoid making a mistake.

I can assure you that any tire you pick from this article will be very satisfactory. You won’t be having any complaints because I carefully selected the top products for this purpose.

If you didn’t find a tire you want here be sure to check out my other articles.