What Are The Top-Rated Brake Pads For Subaru Outback?

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The best brake pads for Subaru aren’t easy to choose. The market features a wide variety of products. Yet, no driver should drive with a faulty braking system.

It doesn’t matter whether you drive Subaru, Ford, Honda, or Toyota. So, getting the best brake pads for Subaru Outback becomes a no-brainer.

The Outback has become one of the most sought-after Subaru models in recent years. It comes with affordable and available brake components. You’ll find the pads, rotors, and calipers.

Subaru Outback brake pads are popular for their safety and high dust resistance. They also feature excellent stopping power as well as low noise. All these ensure your safety when driving.

Let’s go into the details of the best Subaru outback brake pads on the market.

Reviews On 5 Top Best Brake Pads For Subaru OutBack


Akebono-ACT1336A Ceramic Brake Pads

Akebono-ACT1336A Ceramic Brake Pads

Bosch BC721 Ceramic Brake Pad Bosch BC721 Ceramic Brake Pad

Best Budget

Wagner ZD1114 QuickStop Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Wagner ZD1114 QuickStop Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Hawk Performance HB533F.668 HPS Ceramic Brake Pad Hawk Performance HB533F.668 HPS Ceramic Brake Pad

StopTech 309.10780 Sport brake Pads StopTech 309.10780 Sport brake Pads


1. Akebono-ACT1336A Ceramic Brake Pads – Best Ceramic Rear Pads

Akebono makes no mistake with the Akebono-ACT1336A brake pads. It is a pair of ultra-vintage rear disc brake pads. These pads stand out from the crowd in several ways. Thanks to their premium features.

The Akebono-ACT1336A pads will deliver quality safety when you apply your brake pedal.

The pair comes from a ceramic material, making it both durable and long-lasting. The pads are stable under any driving conditions. This is because of their incredible friction performance. The pad won’t generate much heat regardless of the operating conditions.

The heat-resistant capacity of the brake pads helps to keep the brake rotors from warping. Other components of the braking system can also remain healthy due to the absence of heat.

When it comes to slowing down your vehicle, the ACT1336A brake pads are the right combo. You won’t have to press down on your brake pedal too much before the brakes will respond. Your vehicle will come to a halt or slow down within a short time.

What’s more, the Akebono manufacturer integrates into this pair of brake pads shims. This helps to protect the pads from flaking off too quickly. It also keeps noise at a pretty minimum level throughout your driving. This noise-resistant power of the pads also helps to enhance a smooth and enjoyable trip.

You won’t need to worry when you drive in arid or high humidity areas. Even when the pads come in contact with the elements, it provides quality friction.

In addition, the pads feature a large pad area and a tight braking response. In other words, your Subaru Outback will stop quietly and smoothly without noise.

However, this pair of brake pads is usable only on the rear wheel. You may not get the best result if you install them on the front wheel.
If you would like to learn more about Akebono brake pads, then click here.
  • Exceeds OEM specs
  • Large pad area
  • Smooth and quiet stop
  • Quick braking response
  • Recommended only for the rear wheel

Although the pads are great for rear brakes, they are also a great replacement for front brakes. If you want a set of brake pads with amazing braking value, Akebono-ACT1336A is the right guy.

2. Bosch BC721 Ceramic Brake Pad – Best For A Wide Range Of Subaru Models

When you first encounter the Bosch BC721 disc brake pad, what comes to your mind? The pair should confer some level of confidence and safety. How? The QuietCast Premium pads are made of ceramic material.

Every automobile enthusiast appreciates what ceramic brake pads bring to the table. Apart from that, all braking components from Bosch are top-quality and spot on.

The Bosch BC721 comes from dedicated engineering to application-specific vintage shims. These components ensure that the pads produce amazing stopping power. It means you’ll only press down on the brake pedal a little to have your vehicle stop or slow down.

The pad set has also become favorites for car owners and drivers. This is due to its incredibly quiet operation. When you apply the brake pedal, the pads will neither produce noise nor raise any dust. This way, you can rest assured that the brake rotors and brake calipers are in sound health.

That’s not all. The Bosch BC721 is a set of ceramic pads which means that they are fortified to last long. Apart from durability, the pads feature rubber and core multilayer shim. This ensures that you won’t hear any sound when you press down on the pedal.

The insulation against noise provides a standout feature for this pad set. Besides, the multilayer operation of the Bosch BC721 provides exceptional insulation and strength.

The Bosch BC721 features premium aerospace alloy and copper-free ceramic. This is good for year-round operations. The good news is that the Bosch BC721 pads boast a protective transfer layer. This makes the pads a great protector for other components of your car’s braking system.

The not-too-good news about this set is that it may not work for rear wheels. Customers believe the pads are only perfect for front wheels.
If you would like to learn more about Bosch brake pads, then click my review page.
  • 2025 Copper Free legislation compliant
  • Suitable for a wide range of Subaru models
  • Heavily slotted
  • High-quality hardware
  • Rubber core
  • Not suitable for as rear brake pads

If your garage parades different models of Subaru, the Bosch brake pads might just be the right guy to store. The pads work for a range of Subaru cars.

3. Wagner ZD1114 QuickStop Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set – Best For A Variety Of Subaru Model Specs

Third on my list of the best pads is the Wagner QuickStop ZD1114 Ceramic Pad. This set comes with a lot of features that stand it out from the crowd.

Wagner ZD1114 is an original equipment brake pad set. It is suitable for delivering incredibly consistent stopping power to your Subaru Outback. This pair of brake pads boasts amazing durability.

They won’t flake off or peel for a long time, depending on the driving conditions. Again, the pads will offer quality braking throughout their lifetime.

The Wagner ZD1114 QuickStop brake pads are asbestos-free. If you install this set in your Subaru Outback, you can be sure you won’t have any health issues to contend with.

The pads are also popular for their capacity in reducing vibration. Thanks to their platform-specific design which helps to reduce noise and vibration. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake pads won’t cause the braking system to arouse commuters.

Wagner engineers these pads to produce lifetime stability. They will also offer even performances all year round. The consistency of the pads is second to none. It boasts a formulation that is specific to the needs of the Subaru Outback application.

Also, the Wagner ZD1114 won’t fail if you need the brake pads that will protect the brake components. The pads feature quality materials to keep the rotors from warping. The calipers won’t rust or corrode.

But customers have complained that the pads produce high noise. This is something you’ll need to deal with and take it in your stride.
If you would like to learn more about Wagner brake pads, then click here.
  • Subaru Model-specific brake pads
  • Suitable as OE replacement
  • Optimally formulated friction areas
  • Heavy noise when braking

Are you worried that you may not get back the original braking of your Subaru Outback? Wagner ZD1114 brake pads will turn things around. They boast OE friction configurations and formulations.

This makes them the perfect original equipment replacement. They’ll restore your vehicle’s braking performance and life.

4. Hawk Performance HB533F.668 HPS Ceramic Brake Pad – Best For Value And Money

Being performance-based brake pads, the Hawk HB533F.668 HPS has a lot to offer when you need to stop your car.

This set of brake pads is pretty affordable. This means you won’t have to cough out up to $300+ per axel to get quality braking.

It’s not about affordability. These pads perform great on the road. They provide an incredibly low and short stopping distance when braking.

If you install this combo on your wheel, your Subaru Outback will slow down or stop quietly. There are no worries when you press down on the brake pedal.

Another reason you should opt for the Hawk is the pads’ amazing delivery. It doesn’t matter whether it works off-season or in-season. They come cool as OE quality brake pads and you can get them in your store.

Trust me, if you’re in search of a pair of brakes that are quiet, dust-free, and easy to install, the Hawk pads come in handy.

Despite complaints about the loud noise, the Hawk Subaru Outback brake pads stand out. It is one of the most trusted guys on the market. They are easy to install and reliable for cold and hot seasons.

Overall, this is a great braking kit that will offer everything you desire in braking. It doesn’t matter the model of Subaru you’re using; the Hawk pads are versatile. Are you driving Subaru Outback or Forester?

This set of pads will work perfectly on their braking systems with zero issues. Guess what? The brake clips work properly with the brake caliper bracket.

However, customers have complained that the set makes a lot of noise. The pads may work quietly for the first 15 minutes but they will start to squeak. This loud, squealing noise is worth looking out for in these pads.
  • Excellent all-weather performance
  • Low dust
  • Formulated for friction surface
  • Short stopping distance
  • Makes a loud noise

The icing on the cake is the lubricant that the pad package comes with. The braking system requires a lot of fluid. If you buy a brake pad kit and get an extra bottle of brake fluid, you won’t have to budget extra money for lubrication.

But make sure you use the recommended grease (AGS Sil-Glyde and CRC). Regular lubricants may damage the rubber on the pads.

5. StopTech 309.10780 Sport brake Pads – Best For Extreme Temperature

Last but not least on my list is this pair of pads from StopTech. It’s popular for its production of incredible braking accessories.

StopTech doesn’t disappoint with this product. It’s a pair of brake pads that boasts a wide range of performance-related features. Stoptech 309.10780 comes in handy for off-road and on-road driving.

First off, the pads perform at an optimal level throughout the year. IT works whether you drive around in your Subaru Outback in a high humidity area or during the dry season. These pads will offer everything you need when you’re braking.

It operates well under extreme and maximum temperatures. This helps to end fading that’s associated with most brake pads.

StopTech 309.10780 brake pads have much value. They boast exceptional release, modulation, and actuation. So, installing and setting up these pads is pretty easy.

The pads sport excellent para-Aramid formulation and composition. This ensures a quick linear response when you brake.

The brake pads are a great pair for light track use. If you’re an autocross enthusiast, this guy will blow your mind. It comes with a powerful short-stop distance. Your Subaru Outback will stop almost immediately when you apply the brake.

When it comes to noise reduction, the StopTech pads come atop. It’s cool hearing no or low noise when you press down on your brake pad. This is the power of StopTech and its incredible brake pads.

That’s not all. StopTech 309.10780 also comes to the rescue if you don’t want squishy brakes. that no driver should experience poor braking.

StopTech is the pair of brake pads to opt for to avoid the noise arousing fellow commuters when braking. Some pads will grind the first 50 to 60 miles. This set will neither grind nor damage the rotors.

You may not see this set as an option if you’re keen on low-dust pads. Customers aren’t cool with the amount of dust it generates is massive.
  • Operates under high temperature
  • Features friction area
  • Low noise level
  • Low stopping distance
  • Release high dust level

Guess what you’ll find in the package as an extra offer? The package bonds properly with shims and wear indicators. You will receive signs once the pads start to wear out. There are also retaining clips that help to reduce fuel consumption.

The clips also end the amount of noise coming from the braking system. These accessories are ideal for smooth braking.


What Is The Life Span Of Subaru Brake Pads?

On average, the Subaru Outback brake pads can last between 40,000 and 80,000 miles. Some may last longer if you’re lucky. Ultimately, this estimate depends on a wide range of factors. Your driving patterns can either prolong or shorten the life of your brake pads.

For instance, commuting in high traffic areas may cause the brake pads not to last beyond 40,000 miles. In that case, you will need to inspect your brake pads more frequently. If you live in the Northeast or high humidity areas, your brake pads are prone to the elements.

Who Makes Subaru Brake Pads?

Akebono Brake Products manufactures most of the Subaru brake pads and braking components. This brand has earned shoppers’ trust and is popular for its manufacture of original equipment (OE).

Akebono also services other vehicle manufacturers and brands. You can think of Isuzu, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and others.

However, you may find a few other platform-specific Subaru braking components. As you can see above, Bosch and Wagner produce braking components that work well on Subaru car models.

Signs Of Worn-Out Subaru Outback Brake Pads

Here are signs you should look out for. They often show that your Subaru Outback brake pads are not in sound health:

  • Screeching or squealing sound when braking
  • Burning smell
  • Vibration or pulsation around the brake pedal or steering wheel
  • Subaru Outback pulling to one side when braking
  • Grinding noise

You should take these signs seriously and watch out. If you allow any of the indicators to deteriorate, you may later have chaos on your hand. Some issues are visible. Others may need you to pay closer attention to the sound and reaction of your vehicle when you brake.

Final Thoughts

My list of the best brake pads for Subaru Outback here includes the top items on the market. You need safety when commuting. It can be annoying to see black water cascade down your driveway. This is common, especially when shooting down your wheels.

This is why you must go for the best combos on the market.

You cannot guarantee it without efficient and quality brake pads. The Akebono, Bosch, Wagner, StopTech, and Hawk are great manufacturers. Their braking products are durable, reliable, and perform better. If you observe carefully, you’ll notice a few things.

One of these is that the Subaru Outback looks locked to ceramic brake pads. The vehicle thrives pretty well when installed with platform-specific ceramic brake pads.

I hope this article has opened up space for you to make an informed choice. Several brake products and brands saturate the auto component and accessory market. It can be difficult sometimes to choose the best product. But all the guys on the list promote safety.

They also offer confidence when you drive on those worst-condition roads. You won’t go wrong if you opt for any of the brake pads reviewed in this article.