What Are The Top-Rated Brake Pads For Chevy Silverado 2500HD?

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The Chevy Silverado 2500HD is a signature car and is a complete masterpiece in itself. It is a truck that is designed for sheer comfort. Not only is it comforting, but it has potent and outstanding attributes.

It features an impressive steering wheel with a pretty responsive braking system. Moreover, it is just as easy to drive as driving a coupe with two doors.

Its handling is excellent (Easy to Drive), so mounting up a superb pair of brakes is of utmost importance. But it is a vehicle; after all, hence it has needs.

If you get the right pair of brakes for the 2500HD you own, not only it is going to improve all your driving conditions, drivetrain, and, majorly the driveability.

So, here are my top 5 best-rated brake pads for your Chevy Silverado 2500HD.

  1. ACDelco 14D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set
  2. Bosch BC785 QuiteCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brakes
  3. Bosch BSD784 Severe Duty Disc Brake Pad
  4. Detroit Axle Front And Rear Ceramic Brake Pads
  5. ACDelco 17D785CH Professional Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

Every product has been shortlisted according to the requirements of your 2500HD. And I have shared all its information, pros, and cons in detail, down below.

Reviews On 5 Top Best Brake Pads For Chevy Silverado 2500hd


Acdelco 14D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Acdelco 14D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Bosch BC785 Quitecast Premium Ceramic Disc Brakes Bosch BC785 Quitecast Premium Ceramic Disc Brakes

Bosch Bsd784 Severe Duty Disc Brake Pad Bosch Bsd784 Severe Duty Disc Brake Pad

Detroit Axle Front And Rear Ceramic Brake Pads Detroit Axle Front And Rear Ceramic Brake Pads

ACDelco Gold 17D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set ACDelco Gold 17D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set


1. Acdelco 14D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Are you willing to replace your old stock brake pads and install a new pair of brakes to your Silverado 2500hd? Then you better check this out. The ACDelco 14D785CH is primarily made of ceramics with a blend of organic and semi-metallic formulas. Formulated with top-notch materials makes it is a perfect match for most of the vehicles on the road.

Firstly, this brake pad is constructed using metal in small proportions, which will serve you with a remarkable advantage. When your brake pad has a low metallic composition, it will create higher friction between the brakes and wheels. Therefore, you will experience quick and responsive braking.

In addition, it has higher braking efficiency, and due to its efficiency, it keeps quiet when operating. The primary construction is backed by shims, slots, and chamfers that reinforce and make the noise-free operation a success. As a result, there is no excessive squealing or screeching you can hear when you apply the brakes.

Furthermore, these ceramic disc brake pads reduce unwanted ruggedness and ensure that the pads last longer than the regular ones. It requires minimum to no maintenance as these come in a neat shape. However, you may lubricate the slots twice a month to ensure free movement. That’s about it.

Moreover, installing the brake components in your set of wheels is a piece of cake. These pads are incredibly lightweight, and for keeping it basic and easy installation, they have four slots for bolts. Also, have a grayish layer backplate that safeguards the pad from rust and corrosion.

Due to their lightweight property, you are less likely to face any difficulty when installing these pads.

The ACDelco 14D785CH is only for the front set of wheels and offers no lubricant in the package. Therefore, you may ask for assistance when installing it.

  • Compressed ergonomics
  • Offer confident and safe braking performance
  • Allows customization
  • No lube provided
  • Durability can be an issue

2. Bosch BC785 Quitecast Premium Ceramic Disc Brakes

As we all know that Bosch is one of the leading companies dominating the world of automobile inventory and gears. The products that Bosch sends out to the market offer A-class service. And it would not be wrong of you if you are expecting the same performance from BC785.

The price is slightly higher than the other pads, and I assure you that it will not compromise the performance.

The Bosch BC 785 is huge compatibility with the Chevy Silverado 2500hd. The compatibility is the result of its proper shape and size. Compatibility matters the most when looking for brake pads for a vehicle. Hence this brake can be an excellent choice.

The Bosch BC785 features its construction upon the quality copper-free legislation, 2025, safe for you and your Silverado. In addition, these brake kits have a unique structure, like the copper-free formulation and a blend of other materials, resulting in noise-free braking operation.

In addition, these pads have exceptional build quality, and their precise design offers effortless braking. These pads provide your Silverado the original elemental fittings. Not only this, but it also produces low dust when operating. It is highly durable, and if you top your vehicle and its components, undoubtedly, it will last for years.

Apart from all the primary enhancements it makes to your vehicle, and it also has numerous perks. These brake pads are superb in performance, and you install them with the help of standard tools. Its lightweight property affects easy and unrestricted mobility. In addition, it has a reinforced protective layer that protects the pad against rust.

To sum it up, it requires bare minimum maintenance; this is an excellent deal for the money you pay.

Compared to the price of conventional parts, these are a bit higher rated and costly. However, these pads are highly compatible with your rear set of wheels.

If you like to review more of Bosch brake pads, this page I wrote can help you.
  • Effortless installation
  • Highly durable
  • Comes with all the necessary tools and gears and lubricant
  • The price is somewhat high
  • Offers limited driving conditions

3. Bosch Bsd784 Severe Duty Disc Brake Pad

Every vehicle wants a set of brake pads and discs that goes along with its braking system. Here, the Bosch BSD784 has high compatibility with several four-wheelers. Perhaps, this is the brake pad your Silverado 2500HD desires. So let’s take a quick look at its features and advantages.

One of its impressive features is that it has a complete and heavy-duty construction—this building quality results in your Silverado 2500HD excellent friction.

The higher the friction is, the more efficient and reliable the braking gets. Therefore, it is a high-quality performance brake pad and can be a first-rate choice if you are looking for one.

Next is its original equipment style engineering. The multilayer coats, chamfers, slots perform efficiently in dismissing the noise produced while in operation. Thus, you are going to experience the feel of efficient braking each time you push the pedal. And you do not need to worry about its longevity and durability. Due to its elemental construction, it can serve for a good number of years.

Additionally, these have a specific mechanism that promotes effortless installation procedures. It requires bare minimum maintenance, and once it gets installed on your Silverado 2500HD, you can rely on these pads.

Due to its OE configuration, it enhances driveability, drivetrain, and security. With these in your car, you will see these pads restores the old capability of your vehicle.

The prime backdrop for this brake pad is the material, no wonder it can serve without compromising performance, but it will wear down faster than ceramics. These have an aggressive bit that can wear down the rotor discs.

Also, these are set for your rear set of wheels of Silverado 2500HD, and Bosch does not provide any gears for installation like the other companies do.

  • Consistent performance
  • Low dust
  • Compatible to many car series lines
  • It can be a bit noisy if the metal shards get exposed
  • Costly due to its construction
  • No additional gears and lubricant come along with these pads

4. Detroit Axle Front And Rear Ceramic Brake Pads

Were you looking for the reliable pair of brakes for your Silverado 2500HD? Then you got to check this fantastic deal presented to you by one of the best producers of automotive components; Detroit Axle.

This product or set is specifically manufactured to meet the requirements of Silverado Sierra Suburban, 1500HD, and 2500HD. In addition, and the most impressive, it comes in a set of brake pads both for your front and rear set of wheels. A great deal, isn’t it?

Also, I would like to add that it is constructed using premium ceramics with original equipment configurations that provide your car the compatibility it needs. Detroit Axle did not limit themselves with just this, but they have other eye-catching characteristics.

It is pretty easy to install these kits to your car’s breaking slots. And it has a simple construction with no complications like clippers and chippers. And you are all set to install right after you receive the package.

Furthermore, as I have mentioned, these brake pads are constructed using % premium ceramics and have zero to no metallic formulation. Due to their unique properties, these pads offer maximum braking capability and enhance the sense of security, drivetrain and improve your car’s driveability.

These pads are nothing like the traditional pads, as the conventional pieces go noisy after using them for quite a few months, but this is not the case with the Detroit Axle.

One more thing that makes it even better is that it comes with all the required tools and gears you need for installation.

Last but not least, it has an exact elemental fit like the original equipment’s stock parts and offers the best fittings to your Silverado 2500HD. In addition, it is very lightweight, allowing you to carry the components and making it easy to handle when installing. Each pad weighs just two pounds.

Unfortunately, the ceramics do not handle the heat well, and these are pretty expensive compared to other brake pads. Also, these pads take longer to get heated in colder regions and offer less bite.

  • Takes minimal effort to install
  • Nice and noise-free operation
  • Ten years warranty
  • To enhance the installation, it comes along with extra clips
  • Even after being built using ceramics, there is a chance of wearing out
  • Not suitable for areas with colder weather conditions

5. Acdelco 17D785CH Professional Ceramic Disc Brake Pads

The ceramic brake pads introduced by ACDelco (17D785CH) promisingly offer your car the best braking performance. If you are expecting it to be quick and very responsive, you almost got it.

Now it is time to dig deep and discuss the other features this kit has in stock. So here it is, one of the best picked and high-rated ceramic disk brake pads for your Silverado 2500HD.

To begin with, the pads from ACDelco are made3 from premium quality ceramic with reinforced and blended with semi-metallic and organic formulations. This unique build promises you uncompromised performance. It is designed with the sole purpose of giving a quick and responsive brake pad that you can rely on.

It enhances the performance due to its elemental fittings and improves the overall driveability and security.

These are unlike any conventional cast-iron pads. This one is tough. Many brake pads are reported to have friction issues and go squeaky and harsh after a few months of use.

The construction of ACDelco’s primary purpose is to maximize the frictional operation and reduce the ruggedness and noises as much as possible.

Moreover, these pads are supported by A-graded shims, slots, and chamfers that maximize the braking power to the maximum level possible. As a result, ACDelco promotes soundless operation and much more.

The entire structure is backed by stamped backplates, which allows the brake calipers’ clean and easy movement and reduces braking pulsations. Also, these safeguards the disc from premature wearing and rust and extends its usability period.

In addition, the braking unit’s precise shape and size offer the automobiles a universal fitting. This means, not only can it fit the Silverado 2500HD but also other vehicles on the road.

It features a mold that maintains a constant patch between the disc and rotor and makes the bond and grip even greater.

It may have parts from the previously introduced product (ACDelco professional). Only suitable for the front wheels and does not come with lubricant and other gears.

  • Quiet in operation
  • Protects against erosion and corrosion
  • Assured quality by SAE J2784
  • Over-priced product
  • No gears and only for front wheels

Buying Guide – Steps To Choose The Right Brake Pads Kit For Silverado 2500hd

Choosing the right brake pad is quite an overwhelming task when you know there are many alternatives in the world of automotive parts.

Therefore, here are few tips you can follow when choosing your pair of brakes for your vehicle.

A brake pad will be the best for your Silverado 2500HD if they have the following properties:

  • Uses Ceramic Or Metallic Friction Pads: These two resources are the leading resources for durability and the smoothest presented for decent brake pads.
  • Uses Superior-Class Parts: It requires external hardware to fasten the rotor disc assembly. This particular hardware ought to be of good excellent quality and should not be vulnerable to damage.
  • Quiet In Operation: Squealing and pulsations are never a decent thing for brake pads.
  • Curb Dust: Brake dust is an inevitable side-effect of having brake pads, but it can be reduced significantly when you have a suitable composition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Always Need To Choose Ceramics Over Any Other Friction Material?

In my honest opinion, it ultimately depends on what do you think of that particular pad. However, I would reply to you with the same answer “Choose The Ceramics.” It is far more superior to the semi-metallic and organic pads.

If you wish to look more, you will find a much better alternative to ceramic pads.

Are The Ceramics Expensive?

Yes, ceramics are pretty expensive. However, their price entirely depends on the brand you are looking at. Typically, ceramic pads start at a fair price of 20 USD.

What Is The Importance Of The Slots?

Not only pads made for replacements, but also the original stock pads have a specific slot. These slots play a crucial role in heat dissipation, and mainly when you apply the brakes, as when you use the brake, it produces an unimaginable amount of heat due to friction.

The friction produces a lot of dust, and due to the continuation of erosion, pads lose their potential. Furthermore, compared to Silverado 2500HD, trucks make much more intense heat. Henceforth, slotting is essential to maintain air circulation terminate the heat.

My Top Pick And Why?

I chose the ACDelco 14D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set because of its unique combination of ceramic, metallic and organic constituents used to construct these pads’ friction area.

It allows you to unlock the potential of your truck and access it without compromising its mainline performance. That’s the reason why I highlighted this particular kit.

You will have the best experience of all-around performance in sound and shuddering reduction and stopping power as well. Unfortunately, not all brake pads out there provide both adaptability and usability at the same time.


As I have told you before, your Chevy 2500HD is a sign of class in its way.

Now that you have read it till here, I hope you have an idea of what makes a bap an excellent brake for your 2500HD.

These pads have all the features that can help you master the Silverado 2500hd’s grander handling plus stopping. In addition, installing these can result in improving your automobile’s responsive and comfy ride.

Therefore, the products list for the best brake pads for Silverado 2500HD will offer you the lot you need from your brakes.