Reviews On 5 Top-Rated Brake Pads For Chevy Tahoe

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When it comes to the top-notch family-oriented SUVs, Chevrolet Tahoe is considered one of the best dominating the roads.

The Chevy Tahoe has a great interior and cargo holding capacity with natural controls. In addition, it comes with necessary user or driver support features such as auto-braking technology.

Brake systems in a super-utility vehicle (SUV) like the Chevy Tahoe are of utmost importance. Installing great quality brake pads enhances the vehicle’s safety rating to the next level.

When you install suitable quality brake pads, it helps in reducing wear, which also means it would take less maintenance and comparatively fewer visits to your mechanic.

This article will help you learn the following, read on to know more:

  • Top 5 brake pads for your Chevy Tahoe
  • What to consider when buying a braking pad for Chevy Tahoe
  • FAQ

Now, let us see some of the best braking pads available in the market for your Chevy Tahoe.

5 Top Best Chevy Tahoe Brake Pads Comparison


Akebono Act1363 Proactive Ultra-Premium Ceramic Disc-Brake

Akebono Act1363 Proactive Ultra-Premium Ceramic Disc-Brake


Acdelco Silver 14d785mh Semi-Metallic Discs Brake Pad Set

Acdelco Silver 14d785mh Semi-Metallic Discs Brake Pad Set

Wagner Thermoquiet Qc1363 Ceramic Disc Brake Wagner Thermoquiet Qc1363 Ceramic Disc Brake

Scitoo Ceramic Brake Pad Scitoo Ceramic Brake Pad

Detroit Axle Ceramic Pads (Front & Rear) Detroit Axle Ceramic Pads (Front & Rear)


1. Best High-End: Akebono Act1363 Proactive Ultra-Premium Ceramic Disc-Brake

The Akebono is engineered to the specific Original Equipment standards. The Pro-ACT ceramic brake pads provide you the supreme braking experience, which is suitable for most drivers out there.

It is designed through friction-optimized formulations with a prime focus on eliminating unwanted noises, vibrations, and ruggedness or harshness (NVH) and producing minimal dust.

However, the ceramic brake pads take a long time to heat up, so they are not suitable brake pads if you live in a cold environment.

The Akebono is very application-specific; the friction area is made focusing on the Tahoe’s braking slots. These pads fit perfectly over the spaces and provide the best braking experience and a short braking distance.

It has enhanced durability and supports effortless braking. It can be used as a replacement for restoring OE performance and an upgraded version from conventional brake pads.

  • Ultra-Quiet: The Akebono has an advanced variety of unique Pro-ACT ceramic constructions, resulting in reduced brake squeaking and vibrations.
  • Outstanding Durability: Pro-ACT brake pads have been proven to be significantly improved for significant motorists due to their enhanced pad wear performance under normal conditions.
  • Reduced Dusting: The materials used to prepare the Pro-ACT premium are much more compatible with the majorly used aluminum wheel designs. These brake pads are great when it comes to reducing dust.
  • Smooth Braking: The Pro-ACT gives you smooth and more consistent braking power over a vast range of driving conditions.
  • Optimized Formulations: The ultra-premium Pro-ACT is formulated specially to meet the requirements of your car.
  • It has a short usability period due to high friction and is made with low-quality materials.

2. Best Budget Pick: Acdelco Silver 14d785mh Semi-Metallic Discs Brake Pad Set

The ACDelco Silver semi-metallic disc brake pads are of high quality and can be a good substitute for General Motors. The pads are formulated with strands of steel, which provides the strength and ability to conduct away the heat produced on the rotor’s surface, offering high braking power.

Due to their metallic body, these pads are more forceful on the rotors. However, these braking pads are strongly slotted, which transfers the heat, as moving away the heat is very important for pads that use numerous friction areas.

These pads are semi-metallic with a combination of ceramic and organic resources. Also, they are molded integrally, which makes them very strong and long-lasting.

The pads are stamped with backing plates, which enhance the movement of places and eliminate the pulsation. In addition, these pads are protected against premature wear, and rough driving does not bring a scratch on them.

The ACDelco uses different materials in its friction area, which is suitable for all weather conditions and serves you with the best performance.

  • Formulated Friction Area: Crafted with ceramic, semi-metallic and organic which provides top-notch safety and reliability.
  • Noise Reduction: Primary shims and installed slots and chamfers significantly reduce the NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness).
  • Easy Installation: Readily set up and can be installed without the help of any machining.
  • Genuine Parts: It features GM OE brake pads, which are enhanced and specially made for working with General Motors safety structures such as anti-lock brakes and automated traction control. It is primarily made for General Motors of all models.
  • Grip: The brake pads are constantly exposed to extreme conditions, same as rotors. The ACDelco features specially zinc-layered plates, which protect the pads from corrosive conditions.
  • The more materials, the more dust is produced, and this brake pad is vulnerable to heat.

3. My Top Pick: Wagner Thermoquiet Qc1363 Ceramic Disc Brake

The Wagner ThermoQuiet are the brake pads that produce minimal noise while operating. It has a one-piece brake pad that features the IMI (Integrally Moulded Sound Insulator) that compresses the friction material, plate, and insulator to a robust one-piece component.

Ceramic brake pads wear the discs out due to their complicated nature, and they put additional pressure on the discs.

The laser-cut backing plate of the Wagner TQ offers perfect fittings to your Chevy Tahoe and helps in reducing unwanted noises.

The ceramic friction gives your Tahoe a great, reduced stopping distance, making your car’s braking system even more responsive than before.

The Wagner TQ has stainless steel hardware with zero comprehensive coverage making it an excellent choice for many vehicles on the road, and it perfectly compatible.

Click to find out what are the most popular Wagner brake pads.
  • Quiet Operation: Precise to application design, it has an exceptional laser-shaped friction area that spreads out the heat, sound and reduces NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness).
  • Longevity: This product is enhanced in such a way that it dissipates the heat for prolonged friction performance and reduces brake pad wear.
  • Clean Wheels: The exclusive formulation provides super braking support and reduces rotor wear which helps in eliminating brake dust.
  • One-Piece: The friction material, backplate, and insulator are integrated into a single piece (brake pad). This one-piece component pad provides an absolutely tight and perfect fit.
  • Formulation: It features Wagner OE25 zero copper formulation.
  • They installed ceramic friction that generates considerably more amount of heat, and the pads are not that heavily slotted.

4. Best Application Specific: Scitoo Ceramic Brake Pad

The Scitoo ceramic brake pad is formulated with carbon fiber. It offers 15% strong braking power, 35% quieter Braking, and reduces fading by up to 40%.

These pads undergo a molding process that promotes even wear on the pad and gives you maximum efficiency.

These pads will last a long time and produce good friction that stops the vehicle within a short stopping distance.

The Scitoo ceramic blade can be the best on to the following vehicles:

(2002 – 2006) Cadillac Escalade, (2002 – 2006) Cadillac Escalade EXT, (2003 – 2006) Cadillac Escalade ESV, (2003 – 2005) Chevrolet Silverado 1500, (2002 – 2006) Chevrolet Avalanche 1500, (2000 – 2006) Chevrolet Tahoe, (2000 – 2006) Chevrolet Suburban 1500, (2002 – 2005) GMC Sierra 1500, (2000-2006) GMC Yukon XL 1500, and (2000 – 2006) GMC Yukon.

It contains a total of 8 pieces of brake pads, each underwent several treatments, resulting in low NVH. Manufactured according to Tahoe’s braking shots, it fits perfectly, delivering a responsive braking feel and preventing unwanted noises.

  • Long Life: Each brake pad has undergone thermos scorch treatment and burdensome molding procedures. These treatment procedures help the break-in time and ensure a prolonged usability period of the brake pad.
  • Noise Reduction: The gasket acts as a buffer between the caliper piston and the backplate of the brake pad. The gasket absorbs all sorts of vibrations and produces minimal noise.
  • Ready To Install: Once you get the package, you are all set to set install it. You would require no such alterations or modifications. If you are looking for a pad without any installing processes, these pads are for you.
  • Brake Pad: It features a ceramic low dust formulation.
  • Chamfer Design: It offers better fittings of brake pads and reduces wears and scratches.
  • Low Dusting: It prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Slots are not that solid compared to other models, and the installed gasket can also produce dust.

5. Best OE Fit: Detroit Axle Ceramic Pads (Front & Rear)

The Detroit Axle comes with an all-in-one package of both front and rear brake paddings. Each brake pad has an excellent quality friction area that makes your braking system next to efficient.

The rotor slots are not that great like the drill ones, and these pads do not handle the transferring of heat properly.

It has a dedicated OE fitting that fits perfectly into your vehicle’s braking system. In addition, installing these pads will reduce the NVH or any unnecessary sounds to minimal.

These pads have a layer of Zinc Dichromate which protects them from rust and corrosion. In addition, the slot eliminates the trapped gas and dust from the pads and increases the braking efficiency of the pad.

These fittings fit perfectly when applied to the following vehicles:

2007 – 2008 Cadillac Escalade, 2007 – 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche, 2007 – 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2007 Chevrolet Suburban 1500, 2007 – 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe, 2007 – 2008 GMC Sierra 1500, 2007 GMC Yukon (2WD or 4WD Models Including Denali) and 2007 GMC Yukon Xl 1500.
  • Warranty: The Detroit Axle comes with a 10-year extended warranty so that you are satisfied with your purchase.
  • Heavy Duty Hardware: Made with 100% ceramic pads with 0% metal composition. It comes with additional installation hardware.
  • Fittings: It has Original Equipment fittings.
  • Rotors: The drilled and slotted rotors are break-resistant.
  • It has fewer slots than other models, and the ceramic friction area produces a good amount of heat.

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Buying A Brake Pad For Your Chevy Tahoe

If you are looking for a braking pad to purchase, you may consider these points. If you pick the best brand out in the market, you will always be dependent on the product’s quality and the longevity of hardware and friction area.

Also, the brake pad you will require depends on your driving style, skills, and the conditions in which you are driving. Brake pads with the following specs are considered to be the best for your Chevy Tahoe:

1. Semi-Metallic Or Ceramic Friction Area

The friction plays a crucial role as it gets a rotor hold and rests the wheel.

  • Semi-Metallic Pad: The semi-metallic brake pads are made using iron, copper, steel, and other essential metals and graphite lubricants to reduce heat production. The semi-metallic pads are generally considered OEM solutions for heavy-duty automobiles as they are excellent at reducing friction and last longer.
  • Ceramic Brake Pad: The newly introduced brake pad is made with solid ceramic with combined copper fibers. These have a distinctive construction and last longer.

Although the ceramic pads have two major backdrops, they can bear high temperatures but do not go well with cold weather as they may crack up when exposed to extreme cold conditions.

2. Even Wear

Over time, brake pads are meant to be worn out despite the pad’s quality. Hence, it would be best to ensure that the brake pad you purchase has an evenly made surface that will not serve you good performance but will last a long time.

3. Reduced Stopping Distance

The brake pads you purchase have got to be very responsive and easy to apply.

4. Unwanted Noise Or Vibrations

You should pick such a brake pad that produces a considerable amount of noise while applying.

5. Climate Conditions

The brake pads you select should be good enough to perform in all climatic and weather conditions.

6. MOT

The MOT stands for Maximum Operating Temperature, and this is the highest temperature that the brake bed can withstand before disintegrating.

How To Know If The Braking Pad Is Damaged

Here are some signs that indicate brake pad damage:

  • Burning odor
  • Vibration or pulsation of the steel wheel or the brake pedal
  • Sounds of squeaking or screeching when applying brakes
  • Some vehicles have to notify systems of potential malfunctions
  • Grinding sensation when the brakes are applied
  • Vehicle pulling to a side (left or right) while braking

Also, there are warning signs in the user’s manual; please consider reading them if you feel something is wrong with the brake pads.

My Top Pick And Why?

This article mentioned five legit brake pads for your Chevy Tahoe, but the Wagner QC1363 Ceramic Disc Brake happens to be the superior brake pad; let me tell you why.

The Wagner QC 1363 has a laser-cut backplate and expressly framed friction area, and this brake pad can serve the best braking experience your car needs.

These brake pads can give the tightest fit possible and works efficiently with the assisted braking system installed in your Chevy Tahoe. Installing these pads will provide you with a responsive brake feel and enhances the drivability in an excellent SUV like Chevy Tahoe.

The one-piece component build eliminates unwanted noise and reduces operational sounds to minimal, which helps you focus on the road. In addition, these pads are highly compatible with your Chevy, combine these pads and see why the Chevrolet Tahoe is such a popular SUV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Braking Efficiency Important For Your Vehicle?

Braking efficiency is of prime importance because the driveability of your car depends upon the efficiency of the braking systems. In addition, the braking systems contribute significantly to your safety and security.

Why Do We Need High-Quality Braking Pads For Chevrolet Tahoe?

No wonder the Chevy Tahoe is famous for its high-tech and top-notch safety features like automated Braking and spot monitoring can be incredibly helpful when you are on a trip.

To use these features efficiently, you need to install high-quality braking pads with even wear that can last quite a long time, responsive, and short distance.

When Should You Replace Your Brake Pads?

It would help if you replaced your braking when you hear a squealing sound when you apply the brakes. The squealing sound indicates that your brake pads have worn thin.

And, it would help if you replace your brake pads when you feel the pulse while applying brakes; this means your brake pads have completely worn out. Also, it may indicate rotor problems, etc., so looking at the problem is a good idea.

How Long Will My Brake Pad Last?

Millions of brake pads are produced in a day, yet there is no specific standard. However, a good braking pad can serve a ride of 30,000 – 70,000 miles. Also, life depends on the vehicle and the type of pad.


By reading this article, I hope you have figured out which brake pad is suitable for your Chevrolet Tahoe. If you haven’t got it figured out yet, I hope you know what factors to check when buying a braking pad are.

All the braking pads mentioned in this article are according to your Tahoe’s braking systems. These are of original fittings and can enhance your braking system.

Now that you know how strong the brakes in a car are installing suitable brake pads in your vehicle will provide you with the safest driving experience and the thrill of driving such a high-tech vehicle.