What Are The Top-Rated Akebono Brake Pads?

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What are the best Akebono ceramic brake pads? From my review, the Akebono ACT914 tops the list. The best Akebono ceramic brake pads aren’t difficult to find on the market.

However, choosing the best may be a huge challenge for newbie shoppers and drivers. Professional mechanics and DIY’ers may have come across the Akebono brake pads.

Let’s examine in detail everything you need to know about the Akebono brake pads review. Choosing Akebono brake pads shouldn’t be an after-thought. This is especially true if you’re a Ford, Chrysler, Audi, or Toyota enthusiast. After all, you should take safety seriously.

There are several ceramic brake pads manufacturers in the United States. But Akebono remains the leader. The brand leads the park when it comes to supplying cars with OE ceramic pads. With that said, let’s dive into the review of the best Akebono pads.

Reviews On 5 Top Best Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads


Akebono ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit

Akebono ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit

Akebono ASP914 Performance Ultra-Premium Akebono ASP914 Performance Ultra-Premium


Akebono ACT787 ProACT Brake Pad Set

Akebono ACT787 ProACT Brake Pad Set

Akebono EUR1018 Rear Brake Pad Akebono EUR1018 Rear Brake Pad

Akebono ACT1707 Ultra-Premium Brake Pad Set Akebono ACT1707 Ultra-Premium Brake Pad Set


1. Akebono ACT914 Disc Brake Pad Kit – Best For OE Replacement

The Akebono ACT914 brake pads are the real definition of highest quality. All cars deserve optimal braking applications. They produce smooth performance once the braking system works perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether they’re used on-road or off-road.

Akebono ACT914 is the right choice to go for when it comes to optimal performance of a braking system.

These pads have a host of quality features that make them come first in this review. With virtually noise-free features, the pads ensure quiet driving and braking.

This is due to the presence of layers of chamfers, slots, and shims. So, if you step on your brake pedal, the brake pads will produce a quiet operation.

Again, the pads are exclusively manufactured to fit. They perfectly fit into a wide range of vehicles. Drivers of Tundra, Ford, Honda and Nissan will find this set a sublime braking partner.

This set exceeds all OE requirements. This is because they’re the model replacement for the original equipment. In that case, the design doesn’t require a break-in of the new brake pads. Once you buy a new set of Akebono ACT914 brake pads, you’ll install immediately.

The Akebono ACT914 brake pads are ultra-premium graded. There are a few of the brake pads on the market with the best quality. Buyers will enjoy a top-notch and best braking performance.

Furthermore, they come with a long-term durability feature. This makes them the best option for the replacement of your original products and brake pads.

The only downside of these pads is that they may wear out a little quicker than some other pads out there. Customers aren’t cool with this issue. Certainly, you wouldn’t, too.
  • Low or no noise
  • Durable
  • Smooth driving and braking
  • Protect other brake components
  • Don’t require a break-in
  • Produce a relatively low dust level
  • Can wear down faster

Choosing the right product to replace the original brake pads requires caution. However, when there is a need, you should just go for the Akebono ACT914 brake pads. They last long. They also offer as much quality as the original brake pads that come with your car.

2. Akebono ASP914 Performance Ultra-Premium – Best For Extreme Applications

Any best Akebono brake pads review will not be complete without the ASP914 set. Certainly, all auto enthusiasts should learn about the most advanced Akebono brake pads. The Akebono ASP914 brake pads are all you need.

Their performance positions them as one of the most advanced sets from Akebono. Think of all the qualities you may crave in brake pads, they have it all.

The ASP914 sports a wide range of amazing features. They produce unique performance level that everyone would love. You can enjoy low noise, reasonable dust production, breathtaking friction, and many more.

They also boast the ultimate braking power. These features make them the most suitable brake pads for extreme applications.

More so, they come with premium stainless hardware. This makes them offer the best braking results from the onset. They’re designed for extreme applications.

Also, they’re suitable for various activities, including fleet and spirited street driving. If you choose any other extreme racing activity, this set will deliver.

The Akebono ultra-premium comes with ceramic material. It doesn’t matter if you want them installed on law enforcement cars. This is a result of their proprietary mix of the ceramic formulation. They fit into your vehicle pretty well. The pads can adapt to optimal operating temperatures.

They remain a good choice with a predictable bite for weathering conditions. But the cost of these pads is not something you may find friendly. They produce top-quality performances but are not relatively cheap.

If you’re in search of the best ceramic brake pads for upscale comfort, Akebono ASP914 is the right pick.

While they’re a great option to use both in summer and winter, their response may be poor in cold weather. A few customers aren’t pleased that the pads aren’t suitable for extreme cold driving. You may find the kit a bit pricey, too.
  • Low dust level
  • Exquisite braking experience
  • Extreme quiet operations
  • Extend rotor life
  • Predictable and optimal stopping power
  • Not ideal for summer driving
  • Relatively pricey

You won’t make any wrong choice if you opt for the Akebono ultra-premium brake pads. It doesn’t matter if you race at a relative maximum speed. It has all you need to come to an effortless stop.

3. Akebono ACT787 ProACT Brake Pad Set – Best For Replacement OE Installation

All Akebono products are popular for being great substitutes for original equipment. They also boast amazing durability. The unique features ACT787 ProACT ceramic pads bring to the table are worth our mention.

The pair comes as an out-and-out replacement for OE installation. The feeling you get when using this kit reminds you of the phenomenal stopping punch of Akebono Tarō. Do you remember the great Japanese wrestler? Once he set out his punch, the opponent broke down immediately.

Likewise, when you step on the brake pedal, your vehicle comes to an immediate halt. Akebono actually takes its name after the Hawaii-born scrapper.

Akebono carefully sources the materials used in the production of these pads. This makes them capable of reducing brake-dust production during applications. Again, the pads provide cars with unique and regular braking power.

Additionally, they are smooth when bringing your cars to rest. You won’t need to worry whether you’re in an unfavorable climatic condition. Once you apply the brakes, your vehicle will slow down or stop at a reasonably short distance.

Everyone loves when brake pads require no break-in and have a low-dust rating. This is the value the ProACT Ultra-Premium ceramic brake pads bring to the table. They help to keep and retain your tire’s cleanliness and efficiency.

They are designed to consistently resist fading. More so, their braking response is always solid whenever you apply them. They feature a reasonable amount of vibration and noise during applications.

The ProACT Ultra-Premium ceramic brake pads keep their power under any condition. Also, they don’t obstruct the driving experience.

Their rotor-friendly features help to increase the rotors’ lifespan. Other braking components enjoy the compatibility of the pads to a wide range of vehicles. What it means is that different cars can enjoy the best braking power if they run on the ProACT.

Thankfully, they work on almost all cars of all sizes and models. This is one of the major reasons for their versatility and robustness.

Furthermore, the pads feature vehicle-optimized formula. This helps to increase the performance and effectiveness of the ceramic materials.

Yes, the ProACT comes with remarkable off-road and on-road performances. They can cause dust and debris buildup. This can affect overall braking.
  • Effective braking power
  • Quiet application
  • Low-dust and vibration
  • Ideal for vehicles of different sizes and models
  • Optimal pedal feel and pad bite
  • Not suitable for extreme applications

It would be fair to conclude that the ProACT brake pads have minimal downside. Yet, they remain the top choice for OE installation replacements.

4. Akebono EUR1018 Rear Brake Pad – Best For Original Brake Pads Replacement

You may already have an insight into these brake pads from their name. The Akebono EUR1018 brake pads reflect all the features their name suggests. As their name implies, the EUR1018 are absolute fit for European vehicles.

Yet their uniqueness lies in their quality. The pads exceed the original factory brake pads. This feat is wholly attributed to their manufacturing process. They come from exclusive ceramic formulations. These make them produce the most stopping power at even high speed.

The goal of these brake pads is straightforward. They are incredibly the best replacement for original brake pads. It doesn’t matter if they are ceramic or semi-metallic.

The design of the pads is to produce a relatively low noise when you apply them. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about dust production. Of course, high dust levels are the most noticeable complaint among European drivers.

Akebono brake pads are the best brake pads for European vehicles. They may not be the right choice in some cases. In some cases, there may be a need to look for other Akebono brake pads products as a superb choice.

While these pads are of top quality, they don’t come at a precise friendly price. The Akebono EURO Ultra-Premium brake pads remain the best choice if you drive a European car. Their production aims at outperforming OE pads.

This is why they are suitable for different vehicles. They work flawlessly on SUVs and passenger vehicles.

More so, the Akebono EURO brake pads are a great choice for a wide range of braking applications. They fit into different vehicle brands, such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi, and others.

But you’ve got to be wary if you’re looking at extreme applications. These pads aren’t meant for purposes like towing, hauling, and hard braking, or extreme driving.
  • Wheels do not get dirty
  • Effective brake bite
  • Extensive rotor and pad life
  • Optimal braking power
  • Reliable and durable
  • Car-selective
  • Dangerous for extreme applications

What about travelling up to 2000,000 miles on brake pads without any noise or vibrations? Buyers can’t be more satisfied.

In sum, if you use European cars, you can rest assured that you’re covered with the Akebono EURO pads. They provide all you need when it comes to ultimate stopping power.

5. Akebono ACT1707 Ultra-Premium Brake Pad Set – Best For Rotor Protection

One thing that helps quick brake response is synergy between brake pads and rotors. The Akebono ACT1707 comes in handy to offer an effective braking system. The pads help to protect and compliment the rotors of your car. As a result, they help to extend the life of your rotor.

Another amazing feature of these pads is that they produce little or no dust or debris. You can travel long mileage and the pads won’t collect dust. Don’t forget dust causes the rotor to warp and the calipers to damage. They offer more reliability while providing exceptional grip power.

That’s not all. Being a ceramic product, this pair of pads is highly resistant to heat. If you brake under extreme temperature or slope, the brake will produce the needed grip. The stopping power is magnificent too.

What’s more? The pads won’t wear out quickly. What about using them under extreme braking and driving conditions? The pads won’t fail.

The sturdiness of these pads reinforces their strength to protect your rotors. This also allows them to hold out against the elements and worst-condition roads. Their durability is second to none.

For a pair of brake pads that gives protection to your brake rotors, ACT1707 comes in handy. They not only compliment and protect the superior powers of your brake rotors. The pads also offer a little more lifeline for the rotors.

One thing is certain. You won’t need any break-in when install the ACT1707 replacement. This is a routine for many brake pads out there. But when you set up superior guys like ACT1707, you’ll only have to buy, install, and start using.

The only thing customers don’t like about the pads is that they produce dirt on your car wheels. But they are easy to clean. That’s not something to worry about a lot.
  • Durable with ceramic design
  • Good for price
  • Quiet operation with low-dust level
  • No break-in required
  • Dirty on the wheels

These pads are the best on the market. I can recommend them for your car. They won’t wear out fast or destroy other components of your braking system.

These pads are worth every penny you invest in them. The icing on the cake is that the package comes with shims, slot, and chamfers.


Are Akebono Brakes Good?

Yes, Akebono brakes are both good and reliable. Akebono has become a household name. It’s popular for being a top manufacturer of brake products and accessories.

Most of the products on this list have incredible reviews. Customers have great praise for Akebono. Drivers can be confident that Akebono brake pads will meet their braking expectations.

Everyone craves braking power. When it matters most, Akebono brake pads will come to the rescue. Additionally, Akebono is one of the largest brake pad manufacturers worldwide. Their customer base keeps increasing every day.

Here are some of the standout features of Akebono brake pads:

  • OE-style Pattern: Akebono brake pads are great substitutes for original equipment. They boast all the trappings that define OE. They also exceed OE standards.
  • Quality Material And Design: Akebono pads come in a wide range of material qualities. You can opt for ceramic or semi-metallic Akebono brake pads. They have their pros and cons.
    The quality of your braking system depends on the quality of your car’s brake pads and rotors. Ultimately, top-quality brake components can guarantee your safety while on the road.
  • Varying Compositions: Akebono produces both ceramic and semi-metallic pads. If you want pads with incredible density, Akebono has them in stock.
    These brake pads sport everything you need for safety and support. It doesn’t matter if you hard brake. There is metal support, quality material, and exceptional composition.
  • Durability: Akebono brake pads are durable. They are not susceptible to wear and tear. Akebono brake pads support the brake rotors and provide amazing braking performance.
    These pads will last longer. They can also withstand hard braking and extreme driving conditions. Thanks to the quality of their design and materials.

Akebono ProAct Vs Performance

Both Akebono ProACT and Performance share a few similarities. Suffice it to say that they both belong to the same ultra-premium class. Some of their unique features include finest regulation of NVH. This ensures a smooth braking experience.

They also produce a reduced level of wear on disc rotors for a longer lifespan. These two pads are popular for ultra-low dust production while cleaning the wheels. They are friendly to the street and provide confidence for driving.

Both types of brake pads are easy to install. You can set them up on your car with a DIY procedure. You don’t need any special skill or tool. Finally, both types of Akebono brake pads are the best option for an upgrade to factory-installed pads.

ACT Vs Performance: Differences

No doubt, the Akebono Act and Performance brake pads have a few things in common. Yet, they differ in certain respects.

1. Stopping Power

Generally, both Akebono Act and Performance brake pads have amazing stopping power. However, Performance brake pads have a superior stopping power. The performance brake pads provide maximum friction. This helps to slow down your vehicle or bring it to a definitive stop.

2. Vehicle Compatibility

Performance brake pads feature a design for heavy-duty vehicles. The ACT is ideal for smaller vehicles. If you drive light trucks, police vehicles, fleets, and SUVs, these are the best pads. The ACT brake pads are usable on a wide range of vehicles. Performance brake pads are ideal for heavy-duty vehicles.

3. Noise And Vibration Control

Of course, the ACT brake pads help to keep noise and vibration under control. In addition, they also produce less dust. At the same time, they keep relatively low upgrades for semi-metallic brake products. Performance brake pads make more noise. They can also cause the vehicle to vibrate a little bit.

Akebono ACT And Performance At A Glance

Akebono ACT Akebono Performance
Suitable for regular braking Ideal for hard braking
Work nicely under easy services Designed for severe services
Can’t hold out against extreme applications Can withstand extreme applications
Made for SUVs, smaller trucks, fleet Usually manufactured for heavy vehicles
Good stopping power Exceptional stopping power
Keep noise and vibration under control May cause noise and vibration during hard braking
Produce less dust Give off relatively higher dust level
Offer relative minimal upgrade for semi-metallic pads Provide superlative upgrade for semi-metallic pads
Designed for a wide variety of vehicles Restricted to heavy vehicles

Final Verdict

Safety remains the first and last thing a driver should consider when on the road. To be safe and secure while driving, you need a quality braking system. Installing the best brake pads makes safety an easy pick.

You may experience bad braking power when you choose the wrong product. You should opt for the best for your OE installation replacement.

Since its introduction into the industry, ceramic brakes have taken over the market. The material offers confidence and safety when installed on a car wheel. You can imagine why most drivers opt for this amazing design.

Despite the many brands out there, Akebono brake parts continue to make headlines.