Bogi Latiener – Founder: Bogi is a master mechanic and the owner of 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix Arizona. She also teaches basic car care classes for women for repair facilities and organizations across the country. “I’m passionate about teaching others about their cars, getting more women into the automotive field and supporting the industrial arts in general.”



Kenny – Mechanic: Kenny is one of the finest mechanics in all of Arizona. Kenny has a wide spread knowledge of international automotive’s as well as domestic. Kenny will help you get your vehicle back on the road and driving the way you want it in no time.



Angel – Mechanic:  Angel is one of the many talented auto mechanics here at 180 automotive.


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|Phone|  (602) 476-2475


|Adress|  545 W. Mariposa Street Phoenix, Arizona 85013



Yelp Testimonials

It’s like automotive zen! Quiet, spacious work bays with highly educated service technicians that genuinely care abour your automotive well being! Even the waiting area is a calming experience capable of providing a safw haven while Bogi and her staff exorcise the demons out of your ride and get back on your way!

 -Todd H.  Phoenix, AZ

Flipping awesome place!!! Wow I’m stoked to find such a solid car mechanic! The prices are right on at this place! I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard how cheap it was to fix my car.

The owner also worked with BMW for 8-9 years before opening this place. She knows her stuff inside and out. I will be back and so will my friends. :)

 -Matthew H.  Phoenix, AZ